• Wonolo

My name is Angelica and before Wonolo, I didn’t have much time to spend with my children.

I was working full-time for Stitch-fix and they had Wonoloers working alongside us in the warehouse. I simply assumed they were new hires until another co-worker explained to me they were contract workers who could make their own schedules. I liked the idea of working on a more flexible basis, so I kept the Wonolo app in the back of my mind. As a mother, my children come first and I wanted to be more available to go on school field trips, take them to appointments and just be available if they need me. A few weeks later I left Stitch-fix and picked up my first Wonolo job. The process was so easy that I continued to use Wonolo.

I’ve been Wonoloing since late 2014 and have completed close to 900 jobs. I started off working various warehouse jobs and eventually found my niche as a delivery driver. I drive for Wonolo over Lyft, Uber or other on-demand apps because I get to decide what travels in my car. With other apps, you run the risk of having strangers in your car or having to deal with the smell of cooked foods etc. With Wonolo, I work with Requestors like Good Eggs and Thistle, and typically deliver groceries and other fresh foods. After earning a reputation as a reliable and efficient driver, I eventually became a preferred Wonoloer and had access to more driving shifts.

Being a Wonoloer has been a great experience for me. I love networking with other Wonoloers, getting the inside scoop on various jobs, and socializing at the events that the Wonolo Community team hosts. At the 2017 Wonolo Holiday party I was awarded Wonoloer of the Year! This was such an honor to me because I also found out that I was the highest earning Wonoloer, ever, and have made over $140k on Wonolo since 2014. Although I have a partner and he’s a great provider for our family, it feels good to contribute to our household expenses. I also love having extra money to spend on clothes and to do nice things for myself. My daughter is a Girl Scout and picking up Wonolo jobs at convenient times allows me to attend more of her meetings.

My advice for other Wonoloers is to let your work ethic speak for itself. Show up on time, do a good job and build a positive rapport with Requestors and other Wonoloers. The work day goes by fast when you like the people with whom you are working. Although you may not be interested in a full-time job, maintaining a high rating and becoming a preferred Wonoloer with multiple Requestors means there will be shifts available to you when you want to work.

Wonoloing allows me to earn money and maintain a flexible schedule so I can be a great mother to my children.