Hi there! I’m Tina and I  got to experience being the CEO for a day at Wonolo. I started working Wonolo jobs initially in January of this year. I heard about Wonolo through a friend. I was looking to earn some cash quickly, and I loved the types of jobs I was able to choose from. One of my first and favorite jobs was working at the ASU stadium!

Before Wonolo, I was working as a Specialist in behavioral health. I enjoyed helping people who were displaced due to homeless or mental illness. I helped them find their way back into the community. I helped people discover what recovery meant to them and how they could use their strengths to function productively.  I absolutely loved it! I was in this career for 30 years, but recently the government cut funding for many specialists programs in mental health clinics across the country. My clinic lost its funding and I lost my job. This was a hard change for me to go through. I loved what I did and spent a lifetime investing in my career.

Since I needed to find other ways to make money, working Wonolo jobs helped me. I picked up any job I could at first. Phoenix is a new market and the jobs were getting picked up quick! This actually turned into a great experience. I was able to get out of my comfort zone, try something new, and meet new people too. Trying new jobs reignited my spirit and brought me back to life! 

A part of the application process for being CEO for a day was to be a brand ambassador for Wonolo. When I would tell people about Wonolo, many would often just hug me, telling me how much they needed this opportunity. I recall a lady I stopped in a Walmart and asked if she’d heard about Wonolo. When I finished explaining the company to her, her eyes welled with tears. She told me about her son, who was a very hard worker, and how had lost hope of finding any work. She explained that he was a combat veteran who was injured during the war, and how he never made it passed an interview because of his PTSD. She was in awe when I showed her the jobs on my phone and told her he could download the app and have a job available as soon as tomorrow. She hugged me, thanked me, and said, “This was an opportunity they needed and thought they’d never find.” I felt really fulfilled because I was helping people out again! Just in a different way.

As a result, Wonolo has allowed me to be free and fulfill my desire to help people. I am free to be myself, maintain my finances, and learn about so many people during the process.