Planning an event is a complex task, and executing any event well depends on having qualified staff. Event planners (who are sometimes marketers planning a corporate event or conference) may not have the time or experience to hire qualified event staff to handle all the necessary responsibilities.

For that reason, many event planners turn to event staffing agencies – but there’s a better way. Wonolo’s on-demand event staffing solution is a better and more cost-effective solution, connecting you with thousands of pre-screened workers ready to accept your job in minutes. With thousands of qualified workers to meet every event staffing need, from greeters and guest registration to ushers, security staff, food and beverage servers, brand ambassadors, and more, Wonolo’s on-demand staffing platform makes it easy to fill your event staffing needs fast. 

How Event Staffing Agencies Work

At first glance, hiring an event staffing agency makes sense. For event planners, the task of hiring and staffing the event is reduced to simply hiring an agency  and operate in much the same way as a traditional staffing agency, offering a pool of event staffers that they match with events. Like regular staffing agencies, they employ some full-time staff who are tasked with recruiting event staff, interviewing, hiring, and overseeing administrative functions like payroll.

But what if an event staffing agency is overbooked and lacks the necessary talent to adequately staff every event? What if an agency’s best event staffers are already booked for another event on the day of your event? What if the agency’s training process is out of sync with your needs? After all, you’re relying on event staff to be the face of your organization – even though they don’t work for your company, their work is a reflection on you and your company.

What You Should Know in Working with Event Staffing Agencies

Working with event staffing agencies can be expensive, and because agencies take a cut, workers may not be making a desirable hourly wage– but you’re relying on them to make a positive impression on your attendees. If workers are receiving lower-than-average pay or have a bad experience working with an agency, they could be less invested in doing the exceptional job you need them to do at your event.

Other  things to note in working with event staffing agencies include:

  • Higher costs: You’ll pay more for an event staffing agency than you would be working with event staffers directly. While you’ll spend less time interviewing candidates, you can get the same time-saving benefits at a lower cost by using an on-demand event staffing solution like Wonolo.
  • Slow time-to-fill: When working with an event staffing agency, it can take days – even weeks – to fill your positions. You’re operating on a tight schedule when planning an event, meaning you don’t have time for unnecessary delays.
  • Lengthy onboarding: Getting set up with an event staffing agency isn’t a quick process, either. The contract negotiation process can take several weeks before you can start sourcing event staff.
  • Limited talent pool: Event staffing agencies may be staffing multiple events on the same day, which can result in a talent shortage. That means you may need to contract with several event staffing agencies to secure the talent you need for a big event, resulting in a host of potential issues such as inconsistent background screening and training.

Wonolo’s On-Demand Event Staffing Solution: The Ideal Alternative for Your Event Staffing Needs

Rather than deal with the lengthy process of getting set up with an event staffing agency (and hoping that they have ample, qualified event staffers to meet your needs), Wonolo’s on-demand event staffing solution is practical, fast, and reliable. Wonolo’s on-demand event staffing solution, on average, can cost significantly less compared to traditional event staffing agencies, and it saves you both time and money by giving you the flexibility to find the right event staff quickly:

  • Save time posting jobs and screening applicants: With Wonolo, your HR team won’t spend days or weeks posting jobs across multiple job sites, screening applicants, interviewing candidates, or getting set up with several event staffing agencies.
  • Get your jobs filled faster: Not only is set up faster with Wonolo, but our average time-to-fill rate is shorter than traditional event staffing agencies. Our algorithm automatically ranks and notifies over 300,000 vetted, qualified workers who are ready to accept your job in minutes – not days or weeks.
  • Fill every event staffing role: Wonolo’s pool of thousands of pre-screened workers includes qualified talent for every possible event staffing role, from guest registration to servers and even brand ambassadors. That means you can fill all your event staffing roles with a single solution in minutes.
  • No upfront costs: Working with an event staffing agency often means paying a large retainer or up-front fee. With Wonolo, requesting Wonoloers is completely free of charge – you’ll pay zero upfront costs! You’ll only pay when the job is successfully completed, with no upfront or hidden costs to break your budget.
  • No payroll or contract hassles: Wonolo coordinates it all, so you can focus on planning and executing a top-notch event. We often get workers paid the same day, meaning you’ll get qualified workers who are motivated to put their best foot forward for your brand. Don’t take our word for it: Wonoloers have a high rating, often above 4.8 on average, based on ratings from companies like yours.

Event Staffing Made Simple with Wonolo’s On-Demand Event Staffing Platform

Wonolo handles all the back-end administrative tasks, including vetting workers, confirming worker insurance coverage, and coordinating payment, making it a simple solution that saves you both time and money. Getting your job in front of thousands of qualified workers couldn’t be simpler:

  • Write a quick job description
  • Set the location, pay, and time for the position
  • Post your job to thousands of vetted workers in seconds

With a high average fill rate that often runs 3-4x compared to traditional event staffing agencies, Wonolo is a time-saving and practical solution for your event staffing needs. Our onboarding process ensures that Wonoloers are in line with our business philosophy and expectations, and our ranking algorithms ensure that we match the best Wonoloers with your job – so you can be confident that they’ll make a good impression on your attendees.

Sign up today to get access to Wonolo’s world-class event staffing workforce and make your event staffing headaches a thing of the past.