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A closer look at the new trends in workplace reveals that there is indeed something exceptional and unique associated with coworking spaces. Harvard researchers who have been studying this trend for the last few years have noticed that people who work in such spaces often tend to have higher morale and confidence levels compared to those who work in the traditional offices. Before we jump into why coworking helps employees to become more confident, it is essential to understand what this concept entails.

A coworking space can be described as a membership-based workspace where a collection of independent professionals, freelancers, and remote workers grind together in a collective venue. Having established who uses coworking spaces let us now look at what makes it thrive:

1. People Using Coworking Spaces Often View Their Work as Being Quite Meaningful

Coworking space trends indicate that these types of shared spaces are highly favored by freelancers. Apart from the work they do, the freelancers love this space because they are able to bring their complete selves to the workplace. The workers achieve this in a number of ways:

  • Unlike in the normal office, the coworking environment often comprises of a group of individuals working for different projects, ventures, and organizations. Considering that they face very minimal competition and little to no in-house politics, they do not feel as though they need to put on a particular persona for them to fit into that environment. Also, getting to work alongside people who are working on different concepts and projects can help boost one’s morale as they develop their own work identity, which they then build on over time.
  • Secondly, people who work in a shared office space are more likely to help one another out when faced with a problem. The culture in these environments is to try and uplift each other. By doing so, one is likely to come across various opportunities that they are best suited to address. And given the large variety of people working in these environments, it is not uncommon to find different workers possessing exceptional expertise that they can share with others.

2. Workers Have a Better Grasp On their Jobs

If you are asking yourself how does a coworking space work, you ought to understand that these spaces can be accessed at any time of the day or night. Most are available 24/7 which means that a worker can easily extend their working hours when faced with a looming deadline or when they are interested in showcasing their progress.

The fact that there are no restrictions on when to access the space also means that one can easily divide their time to help them focus on office tasks while at the same time ensuring that they do not neglect their personal lives. Another reason why these spaces are thriving is that you get to choose whether to work in a quiet environment where you can easily focus on what you are doing, or whether to work with others in a collaborative space. Such spaces tend to have shared tables that ease interaction between members.

However, it’s essential to note that as many coworkers place a lot of value in the autonomy provided by a coworking space, they also value structures. The structures being referred to pertain to some of the etiquette rules you can follow when using shared office space. Many people working in these types of environments have reported that it is important to have a structure in place that helps install discipline among all its members to ensure that each and every member feels comfortable working in that environment and that no one infringes on their freedom or independence.

3. Coworkers Feel as Though They Are a Part of a Community

The main reason why many people pay a fee to toil in such a setting as opposed to operating from their residences is to help them make connections with other professionals. Each coworking space comes with a unique vibe. The people in charge of managing each coworking space will often go an extra mile to ensure that they have created an experience that is memorable, and which can easily meet the professional requirements of all the people who will be using that space.

It is important to note that it is not mandatory for a coworker to socialize with the other members of the space. It is upon each person to decide whether they would like to relate to the other coworkers, and to what extent. Being able to make this decision helps the professional boost their confidence as they are not obligated to talk to someone just because they work for the same employer or in the same building which often happens with traditional offices.

In many instances, you will find that coworkers will feel at ease engaging in conversations with their community members over tea or coffee because the reason they chose to go to a particular café or restaurant was to interact with others. This means that the worker gets to determine when to interact and when to focus on their work. The other coworkers will easily be able to tell whether there exists a potential to socialize or not depend on where the other person is located.

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