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Today’s consumers are demanding a shift, a shift from buying the best things to wanting to best experiences. So, it’s safe to say that gathering event experience is an added star to the resume.

The Event Industry Report 2017 found that 65 percent of event organizers expect their existing events to grow, and 55 percent believe that they will run more events.

Source: Eventbrite

Since companies are expected to increase their number of events, it’s a given that Wonolo event staffing jobs will increase.

Are you interested in taking an event staffing job, but have no experience? Don’t worry.

In this article, we’ll let you know what you need to ace your first event staffing job. Check out our article below to easily succeed on your first try.

  1. Be Punctual

Event staff should always arrive early or on time.

The recommended arrival time is ideally thirty minutes before the event. This ensures that there’s ample time for last minute instructions and preparations.

Arriving early also ensures that you can make plans for scenarios that might cause delays, such as the absence or late arrival of other staff members.

  1. Dress to Impress

Be sure to follow rules and regulations regarding uniforms and dress codes.

If you don’t have a uniform, it’s safe to wear black. Not only does it allow you to blend in with the room, but it is also least likely to reveal stains or sweat. Black looks professional and sleek. If you opt for a black outfit, then be sure to match it with black shoes.

Most event staff walk around the venue for long hours. They need to prepare the venue and clean it once the event ends.

This is why you should wear comfortable flat shoes.

You’ll be able to do a better job if your feet don’t hurt. Flat shoes also allow you to walk quietly. In contrast, the sound of heels on the floor can be distracting.

Always maintain good personal hygiene to leave a good impression.

Event staff are in charge of bringing food to the table. You want to make guests feel that they’re eating clean food, so a neat appearance is necessary. Style your hair appropriately, keep your nails trimmed, and avoid wearing perfume or cologne.

Source: Aliimg.com

3. Know the Schedule

As an event staff, it is your job to make sure that there are no delays in the event program.

Memorize the schedule to ensure that the program flows smoothly.

Understand the factors that can cause delays in the program (i.e., late arrival of staff, malfunction or unfamiliarity with equipment, staff not in their proper positions).

If other staff are experiencing difficulties, be sure to approach them and offer a helping hand.

4. Provide Service with a Smile

Attendees love staff who are approachable and friendly. So exhibit proper manners, a polite tone, good body language, and professional word use.

Improve your people skills and greet people with a smile. Did you know that 29 percent of Americans say that teeth are the first facial feature they notice when meeting someone?

Source: Mid-Wessex Orthodontics

Smile to let attendees know that you’ll always be happy to help them.

If some attendees are rude or frustrated, then remember to be polite.

You represent the company, so arguing with attendees isn’t good for you or the company’s image. You won’t score brownie points with your boss for talking back.

5. Be Attentive to Attendees’ Needs

Anticipate the needs of attendees. Do they need directions for the event venue? Do they know where the restrooms are? Do they need to be directed to a specific table or seat?

Understand the needs of attendees and be attentive.

Pay attention to their questions.

Understand their body language.

For example, if attendees are shivering, adjust the room temperature. If an attendee looks upset, approach them and take the initiative to solve the issue.

Are there people who are standing alone on the sidelines? Approach them, and strike up a conversation.

Make sure you also recognize the VIPs, speakers, press, and performers at the event.

Source: Slideshare

6. Be Careful with Equipment

Handle all equipment with care. You need to understand how to properly lift heavy equipment to avoid injuries.

Test equipment before the start of the event to avoid technical problems as a result of detached components and faulty electrical connections.

Ask instructions on how to test, service, assemble, dismantle, or transport equipment to avoid damaging items.

7. Ensure the Safety and Security of the Venue

It is the staff’s job to ensure the safety of the attendees. Check if there are obstructions or hazards in the venue, and inform the event director or other event staff prior to the start of the event.

Make sure that attendees behave in a way that does not endanger other people’s safety.

To ensure the security of the venue, keep an eye on the equipment, pay attention to the doors, don’t leave windows and gates open, don’t lose the keys, and keep a close eye on the premises.

If a lot of people will attend the event, know the guidelines for managing crowd control.

Learn the areas that are restricted to attendees.

Demonstrating an effective safety management system and avoiding accidents can lead to reduced risks.

Source: Event Safety Plan

8. Know the Emergency Procedures

Know the emergency procedures.

Understand your role and other staff’s roles if an incident occurs (i.e., fire, earthquakes, typhoons).

Most emergency plans have instructions on how to get attendees away from danger, contact emergency services (i.e., fire department, hospital, police), how to handle casualties or the injured, and how to collaborate with emergency services and authorities.

You should also be aware of escape routes and exits. Learn how to use emergency equipment, how to raise the alarm, and who to receive instructions from in cases of emergency.

Source: Wormald

How Will You Ace Your Wonolo Event Staffing Job?

There’s a lot that you need to do to succeed as a first-timer.

You need to dress the part, learn emergency procedures, offer good customer service, and anticipate people’s needs.

But don’t worry!

If you take our advice seriously, you can ace the job on your first try.