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In case you hadn’t heard yet, this year we hosted end of year parties for our Wonoloers in every major market. While historic, what was more important was that we got to talk to, and listen to, many of you. You told me about your lives and shared your dreams with me. It was a supreme honor to be entrusted with this information and it prompted this very topic. 

For many contract workers, the biggest draw is the flexibility contract work brings. You can set your own hours, work the types of jobs you want, and where you want. Moreover, you can simultaneously work on your passions like event planning, fashion, music, and beyond! 

Ok. So now you’ve found Wonolo (which by the way many businesses utilize to find full-time workers), but you really want to start that company you’ve been dreaming of. While the path to success is not always straight, or easy, there are universal rules that can be applied to achieving any goal.

Here are 3 things to keep in mind when getting started: 

1.) Focus your goals. Any good creator, inventor, or artist will likely have many talents – so how do you choose which passion is the right one? The first step is to visualize which path you want for your life. Pick your target and then get to planning. 

2. Once you’ve clearly defined the target and timeline for your goal. It’s time to do your research. There are SO many free resources just waiting for you. From the Small Business Administration sba.gov who offers guidance on everything from business plans to business mentors, or attend a local Chamber of Commerce meeting to network with business owners in your area. Get yourself connected and watch the doors start to open. 

3. Set realistic expectations. Many times, we get stuck on what we think an outcome should be or will be. “If I just had X then Y would surely work out.” But many times, the magic is in the unknown. When you stay open the possibilities and ‘plan b’s’ you’ll find yourself pleasantly surprised at the possibilities of your life. 

I hope you all find that when you put plans into purposeful action you are greeted with a more fulfilling life on the other side. PS – who knows, maybe your Wonolo side gig will bring you to a perfect fit new job. Either way, dare to dream. From everyone here at HQ to you, we believe in you!