Hello! I’m really glad to be sharing my story with you. My name is Gene, and I started working Wonolo gigs in October 2018. I live in San Francisco and mainly work in the San Francisco and Peninsula areas.

I heard about Wonolo from some folks at my local library. I was in a bit of a pinch and out of work, so when I found the app it made a real change in my life.

Prior to finding Wonolo, I was a delivery driver but was let go right before the holidays. At that time, work was slow, especially because many hotel workers were on strike. I heard about Wonolo at the perfect time, and I’m super grateful for that!

It’s wonderful to work a Wonolo shift. At first, I tried a variety of gigs, but have mainly stuck with events and coordination. I’ve been in the foodservice industry my whole career, and I now mostly work with Cater to Me. The job I work is mainly coordinating meals for different types of workplaces, so I get to see a lot of people on a consistent basis.

What I enjoy the most about working Wonolo gigs are the various jobs I can choose from, the flexibility in the schedule I can create, and meeting lots of different people. I also like the fact that I’m basically running my own business. I plan my day every night, including what kind of public transit I’m going to take.

The Wonoloer community has been very supportive! I keep in contact with fellow Wonoloers, and I can see these friendships growing over the years.

With Wonolo, I can do anything I want and whenever I want. There’s never a “have to.” I can work extra hours and can find these shifts through Wonolo.

I’m driven by thinking positively, because I know there’s so much negativity out in this world. Every day I do my best to think positive and share that attitude with others. I found Wonolo at a time where I really needed it, and I’m a much happier person now. I show my gratitude by working hard every day.