Hi there! My name is Jesse. I’m from the Bay Area and I’ve been using the Wonolo app to find work since the beginning of this year. I heard about Wonolo through a friend. It was super easy to find and download. The onboarding process was clear too, and I was able to see nearby jobs quickly!

Before I was working Wonolo gigs, I was working full time in a warehouse. During the holidays they were starting to cut down hours, and eventually they told us they were going out of business. While I was looking for another full time job, I was able to use Wonolo to fill in the hours I didn’t have work. Wonolo definitely came into my life at the perfect time! I now have a new full time job, but I still work about two Wonolo gigs each week. It’s great to have the extra cash, and I get to network too.

There are so many different types to choose from. I like to narrow my options down by location. Getting a job that’s close to me helps a lot. I try to maximize my time, and reduce the amount of commuting hours. After I look at location, I check to see if the job has consecutive days. I like working those jobs because I can plan the rest of my schedule around consistent work.

Working a Wonolo gig is awesome! The process is always so simple. If I need specific skills to complete the job, the app shows what badges are required for the job. Earning the badge is helpful too, because I’m able to know what I’m getting into and what’s expected of me. I’ve also been able to build relationships with different Requestors. For example, I’ve been working jobs with the same Requestor for about two months now. They see the effort I put into the job every time I work!

Wonolo allows me to pick my schedule and provide for my family. I love being a husband and father! They are my priority, so it’s awesome that I can provide financially and also take time off without guilt to spend time with them. As I’ve mentioned before, Wonolo came at the perfect time and I’m grateful for the different opportunities it has brought me!