Britt Miller

Britt Miller

Hey there! My name is Haron and I’m from Queens, NY. I heard about Wonolo through a friend just a few weeks ago. I’m a substitute teacher and am the founder of a non-profit organization, Ballin’ 4 Peace. Much of that work has paused because of the pandemic,  so I was looking for other ways to make an income. Wonolo has come at the perfect time, and I’ve already done 40+ jobs in the last few weeks. 

I have a passion for basketball and helping others. I played division one basketball in college, played pro in Europe for a few years, and now organize non-profit celebrity events while playing basketball. As I mentioned before, I’m also a substitute teacher, so I’m usually VERY busy. I do what I love and it inspires me to dream big!

Wonolo has been a welcomed addition to my life. I was surprised to learn how many jobs were available on the app, even during this crisis. I’ve been able to find work, pay for my livelihood, and also keep busy. I love the I’m playing my part in helping others who may not have the ability to during this time. 

I’ve told several friends about Wonolo. Five have already started working, and I’ll definitely be sharing this more with the people I connect with for my non-profit. When we can start hosting events again, I may need to work with Wonolo as a customer so I can bring on Wonoloers to help run the activities. 

With so much news and updates going on, it’s nice to be able to pick when I want to work. Some days I can feel drained, and I have the ability now to take days off when I want to. There’s no set schedule, and I love that I control when I want to work. Of course, most days I do work, and there’s plenty for me to choose from. The work that I find on the app has been a refreshing change for me. Normally, I’m working with students, so I’m in class, grading in the evening, and the job never really ends. When I accept Wonolo jobs, I come in, work hard, and leave the job. I don’t have to be analyzing what I did throughout the day. I can mentally unwind in the evenings and have a fresh start the next day. 

Wonolo has been a great experience to make income and gain new knowledge. Every day, there’s something new and I love those different opportunities. If you want to try Wonolo, take the chance! You’ll have the freedom to want to do something, not to have to do something. You can be your own boss and build upon your experiences!