Britt Miller

Britt Miller

I heard about Wonolo in 2017. I had lost my job at the University of Chicago and needed to make income quickly. I was looking online for work and downloaded the Wonolo app. 

My very first job was moving furniture in a school. I loved that I was moving the whole time and I learned something new. I never had a shift like that, and I became more intrigued to try more jobs. 

One time I was doing a delivery job. I picked up a large meal to feed a company and I forgot an item of food. The restaurant owner called me to come back. Instead of being frustrated with me, they thanked me for driving back and gave me coupons to return on my convenience and have a meal on them. They were grateful for my return and quickly showed me appreciation. This could have gone in a totally different direction, but I really appreciated the Requestor for helping rather than hindering. 

I’ve also worked many warehouse jobs and I recommend that EVERYONE try a shift. I had never done a warehouse job before Wonolo and I’ve learned so much. At the jobs I’ve done in the past, people can be overzealous and almost seem to always be looking ahead. However, at a warehouse, you have to be focused on the now. Not listening does not fly. You have to be alert of your surroundings and take feedback quickly. It was such a great lesson to learn, and now I’m more focused on the moment each day.

I tell anyone who is looking for work to give Wonolo a try. It can work around your schedule and can get you back on your feet. I work full-time now, but I still pick up Wonolo jobs to make extra income on the side.