Hello! My name is Victoria and I am a proud Wonoloer! I started using the Wonolo app in October 2017 and heard about it from a friend and her dad. I’ve completed over 325 jobs and have a 5-star rating!

Before I was using the Wonolo app, I was an ABA therapist for children with autism. I injured my knee, so I couldn’t work for a whole year and lost my job. I needed income quick, so I tried a few driving app jobs. The wear and tear on my car was too much, so I needed to find something else and Wonolo was introduced to me at the perfect time!

I usually work a catering job Monday through Friday. I love being out and about. I get to go to new places and restaurants every day! The weekly routine is perfect for me.

I enjoy finding gigs on Wonolo the most because I get to choose where I want to work and it gives me so much flexibility. This was very needed recently when I found out I had early stages of bladder cancer. I was able to take time off, and when I recovered I found more work on Wonolo.

I am able to take time with my two teenage sons too. Each weekend, I take one son out on Saturday and the other on Sunday when I do my delivery gigs. I get caught up on their weeks and get to bond with them individually.

Wonolo allows me to take care of myself, my boys, and enjoy the ultimate flexibility in my work life. Everyone should try it out!