Britt Miller

Britt Miller

Many Phoenix companies have needs for temporary staffing services from time to time, while companies in some industries regularly turn to temporary staffing solutions to fill the gaps. Driven by both predictable and unexpected market conditions, such as the busy holiday shopping season putting pressure on retailers and warehouses or a sudden increase in bookings for event staffing agencies, temporary staffing solutions are the go-to remedy to help Phoenix area businesses ride the waves of increases in demand.

Phoenix temporary staffing agencies are one such solution, but are they the most practical and efficient staffing solution for your business? When time is of the essence, you need a fast, reliable, and proven solution like Wonolo’s leading on-demand staffing solution. With an average time-to-fill of minutes, compared to the weeks or months it typically takes for temp agencies to deliver temporary staff, Wonolo delivers the qualified workers you need to keep business flowing without disruption.

How Phoenix Staffing Agencies Work

Phoenix Staffing Agencies: Disadvantages, Reviews, and Why Wonolo's On-Demand Staffing Solution is a Better Alternative

Phoenix staffing agencies provide companies with access to a pool of temporary workers, typically for labor or clerical positions, to meet seasonal demands, accommodate short- or long-term absences of full-time staff, or to recruit new talent on a temp-to-permanent basis. Temp agencies employ recruiters who review applications, conduct interviews, and match available workers with temporary positions.

Applicants may be required to undergo a variety of screening processes, from in-person interviews to skills assessments, which can make the time-to-fill exceedingly long in cases where a client requires last-minute staffing, but the temp agency doesn’t already have qualified workers who are able and willing to pick up shifts.

Disadvantages of Phoenix Staffing Agencies

Temp staffing agencies earn revenue by adding a markup to temp workers’ hourly rates. That markup can be quite high given the typical overhead of temp agencies. The end result is higher costs for clients and lower pay for workers – workers who are therefore disincentivized to do their best work, particularly when they’ve experienced poor communication and a lack of transparency about better opportunities.

Companies looking for staffing help in Phoenix have many options to choose from, but choosing a Phoenix temp agency might not be the fast, reliable staffing solution your business needs. Here’s a look at some of the general pain points that people have to say about them. 

  • Lack of communication: Many workers express frustration about a lack of communication when working with Phoenix staffing agencies, such as difficulty getting questions answered. Some workers report that after completing an assignment, they can’t get their recruiter to return their phone calls, while others say the staffing agency they worked with would make promises but never follow up.
  • Disorganization: Some Phoenix staffing agencies are disorganized when it comes to paperwork, reviewers say, including with payment, resulting in late or missed payments for completed work assignments.
  • Inconvenient work locations: Some workers who have worked with Phoenix staffing agencies say that the assignments they were given were in locations far from their homes, making it inconvenient.
  • A lack of available work: Another common complaint about Phoenix staffing agencies is that there’s not enough work to go around.
  • Time investment: Some workers say they’ve spent weeks interviewing, taking skills tests, and completing other requirements to qualify for temporary work, yet were never offered any opportunities.

Other disadvantages of Phoenix staffing agencies include:

  • Slow time-to-fill: The typical time-to-fill when working with a temp agency is several days to weeks. This delay makes it nearly impossible to rely on temp agencies for last-minute staffing needs.  
  • High costs: As mentioned previously, temp agencies add a markup – sometimes substantial – to the worker’s hourly rate. As a result, temp agencies can cost significantly more compared to alternatives, such as on-demand staffing solutions.
  • Lengthy onboarding: Onboarding isn’t just a tedious process for temp agency workers; it can be daunting for clients, too. Your HR team could spend days or weeks getting set up with a temp agency and securing contracts before you can ever source talent.
  • Limited talent pool: Because there are many temp agencies in the Phoenix area, and temporary workers may only be working with a single agency, companies often have to contract with several agencies in order to have access to a larger talent pool. And that means contacting multiple agencies every time you have to fill a shift or secure a temporary worker.

Alternatives to Phoenix Temp Agencies: Wonolo’s On-Demand Staffing Solution

Fortunately, there’s an easier way to meet your temporary staffing needs. Wonolo’s on-demand staffing solution is a fast, reliable, and practical solution for Phoenix area businesses with temporary staffing needs. Wonolo’s on-demand workforce can cost significantly less compared to traditional temp agencies, on average, and provides the flexibility to find the right workers quickly, saving you both time and money:

  • Save time posting jobs and screening workers: Your operations and HR staff don’t need to spend valuable time posting jobs on multiple sites, screening applicants, or contacting multiple area temp agencies.
  • Access to hundreds of thousands of vetted workers: Our algorithm automatically ranks and notifies over 300,000 vetted, qualified Wonoloers to fill your jobs quickly.
  • Faster time-to-fill: Thousands of pre-screened Wonoloers are ready and waiting to accept your job in just minutes.
  • Zero upfront costs: There are no upfront costs – requesting Wonoloers is completely free of charge! You pay a small fee when the job is successfully completed.
  • No payroll hassles: You’ll save time on payroll, because Wonolo handles it all – often paying workers the same day, meaning you get qualified workers who are motivated to do their best work. The proof is in the pudding: Wonoloers have a high rating, most often above 4.8 on average.

Because vetting workers, insurance, and payment are all handled on the platform, Wonolo is truly a set-it-and-forget-it solution. With Wonolo, you can get your job in front of thousands of workers in minutes:

  • Write a quick job description
  • Set the location, pay, and time for the position
  • Post your job to thousands of vetted workers in seconds

Say Goodbye to Phoenix Staffing Hassles with Wonolo’s On-Demand Staffing Platform

Wonolo is the perfect solution for Phoenix area companies with temporary staffing needs. With a high average fill rate , often running at 3-4 x than  traditional temp agencies, working with Wonolo to meet your temporary staffing needs just makes sense. Our onboarding process ensures that Wonoloers are in line with our business philosophy and expectations, and our ranking algorithms ensure that we match the best Wonoloers with your job. That means our Wonoloers are happy, satisfied workers who are motivated to do their best, making our clients happy, too. It’s a win-win.

Sign up today to get access to Wonolo’s world-class on-demand workforce and solve your temporary staffing challenges for good.