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Amber Griffin

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As Wonolo expands to more corners of the country, we want to highlight the many cities where we have companies looking to match with Wonoloers. Right now you may be looking to relocate or find work opportunities elsewhere — we hope the info in this profile helps you as you consider if a new city is right for you. Let’s dive into Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and look at what could be your next opportunity!

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Pittsburgh quick stats

Customers highlights in Pittsburgh

  • NPSG
  • SDS-Rx
  • Premium Retail Services
  • Prometric
  • Driveline
  • JE Investments 
  • Becker’s School Supplies
  • Papa John’s MD
  • 3A Moving
  • Crossmark
  • Strategic Retail Solutions
  • TruFood MFG (New Launch)
  • LSG Skychefs

Strong Hourly Pay on Wonolo app

The relative majority of jobs posted to Wonolo’s platform in Pittsburgh are for merchandising roles. The average payment offered for merchandising roles is $12.91/hour. The living wage in Pittsburgh is $11.15/hour, while the minimum wage is only $7.25 (same as the federal minimum). The highest average payment amount we saw offered was for food production jobs, coming in at $14.04/hour. The good news is that both of these are over the living wage.

*What individuals were paid through Wonolo from May 1 2019 to April 30 2020

**What is a living wage? MIT defines the living wage as the “local wage rate that allows residents to meet minimum standards of living.”

Below Average Housing Costs

The median home price in Pittsburgh is $149,500, well below the average home price in Pennsylvania, which stands at $210,000. Pittsburgh neighborhoods with the highest monthly rents include Morningside, Strip District, and Downtown Pittsburgh where rents range between $1,642 and $1,671 per month. The neighborhoods in Pittsburgh with the lowest rents include Carrick, Overbrook, and Perry North where average rents are less than $750 per month. 


Fun Things To Do in Pittsburgh

A Sports Fans’ Paradise

If you love rooting for and watching sports, then Pittsburgh is the place to be.  The Pittsburgh Steelers are six-time Super Bowl champions, and you can catch them at Heinz Field for home games all season long. Or you can head over to PNC Park to grab some cracker jacks and see the Pittsburgh Pirates hit home runs! 

Beautiful Botanical Gardens
The Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens is a national historical landmark, providing a gorgeous green oasis to the city of Pittsburgh since 1893. The botanical gardens span a whopping fifteen acres in the Oakland neighborhood. Make sure to stop by and check out their seasonal displays, as well as their full-time collections. There’s never been a better time to relax and experience the soothing properties of nature.

What Wonoloers have to say

Some Wonoloers in Pittsburgh, like William, say: 

“I started working Wonolo jobs in New York and started picking up jobs in Pittsburgh so I could get a change of environment. I enjoyed working with different customers in Pittsburgh and highly recommend Wonoloers check out the jobs here.” – William.

Check out some Pittsburgh jobs today!

Businesses are currently posting about 350 job opportunities per week on Wonolo in Pittsburgh. Look them up today in the app by moving your map.

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