Yong Kim

Yong Kim

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FORTUNE magazine, for the second time in a row, has named Wonolo one of the Best Small & Medium Workplaces. This is a big moment for us. The foundation of Wonolo is made up of people and culture. Everyone plays a big part on our team, and we’re excited to be able to share this achievement together. 

This year has been tough for people all around the world. We’ve felt some heart aches, but our team is resilient! The mission behind what we do drives us to step up and create even better experiences for the businesses we work with and Wonoloers. 

A huge thanks to all of our Whammies (what we call our internal team)! We couldn’t have hit this achievement without each one of you. 

In fact, 99% of you said Wonolo is a great place to work! At a typical company in the U.S., only 59% of employees say where they work is great.