Britt Miller

Britt Miller

  • Wonolo

What makes a company a good place to work? And what’s the difference between good and great?

Since Yong, AJ and Jeremy started Wonolo just a few years ago, the goal was not only to build a company that supported the needs of the underemployed workforce and employers who need them but to build a values-driven company where people are proud to work. Good for business wasn’t good enough – they wanted Wonolo to be great for people.

After all the daily stand-up meetings across the world, the happy hours and team building events, the sweat and tears, the hugs and cheers, and living and breathing the Tao of Wonolo, our incredible team has succeeded in getting us Great Place to Work-Certified™.

Great Place to Work is the global authority on workplace culture, employee experience and the leadership behaviors proven to deliver market-leading revenue and increased innovation. I – so its recognition means the world to us, especially considering how rare it is for gig economy or staffing companies to earn a badge like this.

So, how did we earn this awesome recognition?

Using Great Place to Work’s rigorous “For All”  methodology, we conducted an extensive employee survey. The result –  9 out of 10 employees have a consistently positive experience at Wonolo.

Our team rated our fairness, collaboration, community, communication and caring all at 96% and above. These are all focus areas for our team as we continue to grow fast, and we want to keep improving.

At Wonolo, we continue to implement benefits that help us foster an inclusive and supportive work environment. We have “TGIT” – a happy hour on Thursday afternoons to connect with one another outside of job-related tasks. We also all work from home on Fridays because we recognize the value in flexibility for all employees. We have an annual retreat every summer, and we bring every employee.

As an organization, and as individuals, we are dedicated to fiercely advocating for and working for the millions of underemployed workers.  We also uplift one another in ways that make us all better at our jobs, and better as a company.

Does this sound like a place you want to be? Great! We’d love to have you join our team. Wonolo is currently growing fast, and we’re always looking for passionate people who want to contribute to our mission and our Great Place to Work. Learn more about our openings and apply for jobs here – we look forward to meeting you!