• Wonolo

If it isn’t evident from the title, we are finishing the year strong with what they call in business a “hard sell”. In 2018, we’ve chatted with HR industry thought-leaders, highlighted our incredible Wonoloers, introduced you to our HQ change-makers, and many many more topics!

We hope you’ve enjoyed staying tuned three times a week to our eclectic covering, because it’s been a pleasure serving up the content for you! Next year you can look forward to more information, and inspirational stories all around, but today I’m going to give you three reasons why every business should use Wonolo in 2019:

1.) Save time and money, while not sacrificing on quality. Let’s face it, when you get down to the core everyone wants to cut-corners without cutting corners. It sounds like an uphill battle, but in reality we have the secret formula. If you have any experience with traditional staffing agencies, you know it can be a long arduous process that often ends with finding the not-quite-right fit…leaving your business to repeat the cycle.

With Wonolo, we get you right to the good stuff: our 5 star Wonoloers. Ready to work, and plenty of them, we pride ourselves in our amazing community. Equipped with our 5P’s (Polite, Professional, Punctual, Positive, and Prepared), we trust them to show up and give 100% every time. If we haven’t already, we look forward to earning your trust too.

2.) You have nothing to lose. Any good betting man, or woman, weighs the odds before placing a bet. With Wonolo, you can post as little as 1 job to get you started – with no commitment just set the pay and hours that work for your company. More than that, you may see it be filled as quickly as 30 seconds. (*That’s not a guarantee, it’s just my experience!)

I’m not a betting gal, but I’d put my money on Wonolo to fill the gig every time.

3.) You believe everyone deserves a chance to work. Sure, we can agree that the warm and fuzzies aren’t usually what people lead with when selling-in/on-boarding a new technology. That said, Wonolo exists to democratize on-demand work. Democratize, meaning social equity for all. This is something we at HQ take very seriously. We see hard workers as equal and seek to treat all as such.

The entire team, from Product to Co-founders, keep in mind the impact our actions make on the lives of people who utilize and rely on our product. We listen to our community and each other, we internalize and analyze the feedback, and we adjust our sails accordingly. We believe, this is our biggest differentiator. If you like us, are willing and ready to give hard work a chance, then friends Wonolo is the partner for you.

If you are an existing Requestor or Wonoloer – as always, thank you for working with us as we team up to sculpt the narrative of on-demand work for all.