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Yong Kim

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Wonolo is making a bold bet: We want every worker accepting jobs on our platform to have the opportunity to earn at least the local Living Wage by the end of the year. And we want like-minded businesses to join us in committing to offering a Living Wage for all work.


As detailed in our ad in The New York Times today, we’re doing this because we believe workers deserve a Living Wage. Implementing a Living Wage on Wonolo is a continuation of our efforts to make sure workers have access to portable benefits, Flex Time Off (FTO), and other programs that support workers’ autonomy to decide when and where they work without sacrificing the ability to take care of their loved ones, themselves, or to save for the future.

With millions of Americans unemployed and millions more underemployed, a paycheck matters more than ever. And that paycheck should be enough for people to live on. 

But this isn’t only about workers. Good pay makes business sense: For example, recent research from Harvard University demonstrates that boosting pay by $1/hour for warehouse workers generates a return on investment of $1.44/hour. That is a powerful return on investment that benefits workers AND businesses. 

We’re focused on the Living Wage because it reflects the nuances of local economies and ensures workers earn enough to live on. I encourage everyone to look up the Living Wage where you live via the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Living Wage Calculator

The MIT Living Wage Calculator takes into account a broad array of variables including food, housing, medical care, transportation, cell phones, broadband, taxes, civic engagement activities (such as fees and admissions to local parks and museums), and other items necessary for workers to thrive where they live. 

We believe all workers should earn the local Living Wage. 

If you agree, please help by doing the following: 

  1. Take the Living Wage Pledge: blog.wonolo.com/livingwagepledge
  2. Share this post with your network!  
  3. Join the conversation!! You can do so here or by joining us on Clubhouse tomorrow at 5:15 ET: https://www.joinclubhouse.com/event/M8A62oJ7