Jared Favole

Jared Favole

  • Wonolo

This town hall is part of a broader series where we bring in outside experts to help provide the Wonolo community with insights; so you can expect more of these in the future and if you have ideas for future town halls, be sure to let us know; and we will always keep representation in mind when forming these panels.

Today we’re happy to introduce Derrick Morgan and Shaka Mitchell. Derrick is a former NFL player for the Tennessee Titans and managing partner of the impact investing fund KNGDM. Shaka is the director of the American Federal for Children, a non-profit dedicated to helping empower low-income families as it relates to education.

We gathered virtually to talk about racism. We hope you walk away from this discussion more informed, with some ideas for how you can play a more active role in your community, and with two potential role models for how to navigate life, professionally and personally. Keep a lookout for other virtual town halls we host in the future.