• large group photo of wonoloers

We love that this time of year gives us time to take a pause and look back on what we were grateful for. We all can say that 2020 has been a year of many tragedies, unknowns, and anxiety. The pandemic has given us all new work experiences, social boundaries, and more time alone than we ever had before.

On the flip side, there have been parts of the silver lining that we can’t ignore. Seeing the BLM movement sweep our nation and being a part of an election that was historic are just a couple of examples. It seems like we needed to take this moment of pause to dig deep to the core of our problems.

As a team, we’ve had to face tough decisions this year, but we’ve united together to push even stronger. We are grateful for each Whammy (what we call our employees), Wonoloers, customers, board members, family, and friends. Your support has helped drive Wonolo to continue to connect people to jobs, which is now needed more than ever!

We hope to continue to have more moments of pause so we can reflect and appreciate the journey we’ve experienced. Sending you all a Happy Thanksgiving from Wonolo!