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For many, the quickest path between you and extra cash is to use the skills you already have, whether you’ve picked them up on the job, in your free time, or years ago at school. Much more than the old self-made work schemes that required an “initial investment” or uncomfortable door-to-door sales, some of today’s best side jobs for freelancers rely heavily on your own skills, gumption, and, oftentimes, the internet. 

As a part-time freelancer, especially if you work online, you’ll have the flexibility to complete jobs on your own schedule. Moreover, freelance side jobs are as varied as your skillset, so there’s an opportunity out there for almost anyone. That said, some available jobs, such as freelance writing, are more competitive. Meanwhile, other side jobs require a bit more hustle. Freelance web designers, for instance, need their own awesome website to showcase their work.

However, the key for skilled freelancers to successfully find work is in positioning. For example, as a serious writer, you don’t want to compete with the $1 per blog post “writers.” As a web designer, your skills are worth more than a $5 job on Fiverr. And as a tutor, you can reach beyond your own community. Having faith in your skills and in yourself will help you do great things and have the biggest payoff for your time, effort, and well-being. So, without further ado, take a look at this list of the best side jobs for skilled freelancers and discover if you have what it takes to succeed in any of these fields.

Blogging & Writing Freelancers

Earning Potential: $20+ per hour

We’ve mentioned writing a couple times now, and there’s a reason for that! There’s plenty of work for writers to go around. Depending on the client, you’ll be assigned anything from proofreading and copy edits to full-on writing of editorial pieces, blog posts, email newsletters, and more. If you have a way with words, you’d be well-suited to a bit of freelance blogging and writing.

Bookkeeper Side Jobs

Earning Potential: $15+ per hour

A bookkeeper sits at a desk with a laptop and calculator while balancing numbers.

More and more companies have gone part-time (and/or virtual) to fill their bookkeeping needs. Therefore, why not leverage your love of numbers and attention to detail? Brush up on using QuickBooks and other popular bookkeeping/accounting suites, and you’ll be well on your way to tracking accounts receivable/payable, amortization, and reconciliation. Don’t just look for available jobs in your area, either. Post your services at local chambers of commerce, business buildings, or in the local paper to draw clients to you.

Find Work as a Babysitter or Nanny

Earning Potential: $10-$25+ per hour

Earning potential as a babysitter or nanny depends largely on where you live, as well as your credentials. If you have a teaching background or have years of other experience working with children, then you’ll have better chances at a higher wage. However, the good thing is that this is one side job that’s always in demand. And, if you’re willing to work as a night nanny (stay overnight and tend to crying infants), overtired parents will gladly pay you a premium. Find work as a nanny by checking out Care.com and Sittercity.com.

Adult Caregiver Positions

Earning Potential: $20+ per hour

A man with a side job as an adult caregiver helps an elderly lady with a glass of water.

While babysitting always comes to mind when thinking about how to make extra money, you should know that adult caregiving is the next frontier. This fast-growing field is a must in today’s world, where adult children can’t take care of their parents’ everyday needs for a variety of reasons. While you can’t quite set your own hours, you can find clients that need someone during odd hours to work whenever you’re not at your 9-5. You can get available jobs as an adult caregiver by looking for some basic training, contacting a local caregiver agency, or looking into online companies like Care.com or ElderCare.com.

Community Manager Freelancers

Earning Potential: $20+ per hour

Are you a people person? If so, try taking your skills onto the world wide web as an online community manager. Most positions are part-time, taking just a few hours per week. During this time, you might manage social media by posting interesting tidbits or interacting with followers. You might also create and review reports, write minor content, and more. Being a community manager is great for freelancers on the go and is among the more portable side jobs.

Make Extra Money with Data Entry

Earning Potential: $15-20 per hour

If you have great attention to detail and like to work independently, why not try your hand at data entry? As long as you work well under deadlines and keep your data perfectly organized, you’ll never lack for work. This is especially true since specialists can tackle data from a wide variety of fields. Again, don’t just look for jobs in your area. Remember to get the word out about your data entry skills by posting at local chambers of commerce and more to get noticed and have clients seeking you out.

Graphic & Web Design Side Jobs

Earning Potential: $25+ per hour

A women sits at a computer doing graphic design side jobs.

If you have a knack for digital design, you can parlay your skills into a profitable side gig in web design and graphics. Because this is usually an online job for freelancers, you’d have the freedom to work on your own schedule and in the setting of your choosing, as long as deadlines are met. And while this is often an online job, it doesn’t have to be. Plenty of local businesses need your skills, too. There’s a huge market out there for anything from budget blog designs to complex websites. Whatever your niche, you’ll have a buyer.

Party Planner Freelancers

Earning Potential: $20+ per hour

If you enjoy planning parties and possess decent people skills, you can find work party planning for others. Start small, say with kid’s birthday parties or paint & sip nights, before diving into huge and complex affairs like weddings (with their equally huge and complex guest lists, not to mention frazzled hosts). Inquire at local event venues to see who needs freelancers like you. As you work more party planning gigs, your list of caterers, decorators, and other contractors to have on hand will grow and make the planning process even easier. 


Earning Potential: $15+ per hour

Shutterbugs, you can turn your hobby into cold, hard cash. If you have a stash of 5-star photos, consider taking them online to sell as stock photography on sites including 123RF, Dreamstime, Shutterstock, iStock, and Getty Images via Flickr. Alternatively (or, in conjunction with stock photography), you can also try your hand at building a photography side business. You can book shoots around your full-time 9-5 as a family photographer, engagement photographer, or even shooting wedding photos. (Note: wedding photography is a much harder niche to break into!)

Virtual Assistant

Earning Potential: $20+ per hour

If you play admin assistant by day, why not rake in the bucks as a virtual assistant (aka VA) during your free time? You’ll work online with clients to do all the virtual administrative tasks they require. Responsibilities can include managing and answering emails, loading up social media posts, transcription, and tracking hours of other staff. 

Getting Started with Side Jobs for Freelancers


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If you’re looking to gain experience with available jobs listed above, be sure to do your research. For most of these side jobs, there are reputable online classes, courses, certificates, and other learning that will not only prepare you for the job, but also provide some credibility and boost your earning potential. Whatever you do, be sure that you’re not stepping over an ethical line. Don’t poach clients from past or current employers. Moreover, even if you don’t have a non-compete clause in your employment contract, don’t compete with your full-time employer. That’s just bad business.

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