Gig Economy

Unveiling the Reality Behind Peak Season: A Closer Look at Being Prepared

Avatar photo Wonolo on Nov. 10, 2023

Peak seasons bring a whirlwind of activity for companies, with HR and operations executives at the forefront of managing the staffing demands. According to recent data, an overwhelming 94% of these professionals believe their companies were adequately prepared for sufficient staffing during their last peak season. A strong start, right? But as we delve deeper into the numbers, a more nuanced story begins to emerge.

[Report] Beyond the Gig: Exploring Reliable Work Options for the Modern Workforce

Avatar photo Wonolo on Oct. 18, 2023

In a world where the nature of work is rapidly evolving, businesses and workers alike are navigating the uncharted waters of the gig economy. The release of Wonolo’s latest report, "Beyond the Gig: Exploring Reliable Work Options for the Modern Workforce," marks a significant milestone in understanding the gig worker mindset.

Your Guide to Warehouse Terms

Avatar photo Wonolo on Dec. 20, 2022

If you’re searching for the right warehouse and logistics services for your needs, all the terms they use can be confusing. If you don’t know your cross-docking from your consolidation, or your public warehousing from your picking and packing, how [...]

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