• Workers in 2022

In a recent Supply Chain Brain Podcast episode, Editor-in-Chief Bob Bowman engages in a thought-provoking conversation about the present and future of gig work. He is joined by two experts from Wonolo: Monica Plaza, Chief Strategy Officer, and Robert Merritt, VP of Demand. As they delve into the transformation of work throughout the years, Plaza raises a crucial question: ‘What is a gig?’ Plaza highlights a broader perspective emerging in the modern workforce in the U.S.—a reclamation of the word to signify something more profound.

“I think historically, we sort of coin the term to mean quick—one day, one ride, one delivery, whatever that may be. While there is a time and place and a use case for that, on both the worker and business side, I think [we’re] taking back the word and recognizing what it truly means: control and flexibility in how you work and how you bring people to work at your business.”

For workers and businesses alike, control and flexibility are rare commodities in today’s labor market, and the gig workforce is the key to restoring that balance.

The new standards behind the rapidly changing workforce

The recent pandemic shook the world, and the labor market was no exception. Multiple factors put a strain on the existing system. Thousands of businesses closed, leading to significant shifts in workforce dynamics and manufacturing obstructions. Overall, this led to changes on both sides of the workforce: 

  • For workers, the adoption of remote-work policies during the pandemic gave many a new perspective on what flexibility could look like in their jobs. That, paired with fluctuating childcare needs for most families, made having control over work schedules more of a priority. Inflation also took a toll, creating a need for supplemental earnings to make ends meet while maintaining a work-life balance.
  • For businesses, those that survived the economic pressure created by the pandemic found themselves buried in supply chain issues and short on workers, struggling to meet consumer demand spurred by an increase in online commerce. With remote offerings giving workers a new perspective, businesses looking for on-site needs had to find ways to remain competitive. Some moved to hybrid models, while others that didn’t have that choice turned to offering higher pay.

The pandemic forced a new standard on the labor market, leading to new worker needs and burnt-out HR teams. That’s why platforms like Wonolo are stepping in to help improve access to work for everyone.

Three things Wonolo does to restore the ease of hiring and getting hired

Wonolo is at the forefront of this transformation, providing efficient solutions for talent acquisition and addressing the challenges posed by a rapidly changing workforce landscape. We empower the evolved workforce by bringing both sides the solutions they need to work comfortably. By reinventing traditional hiring practices with easy-to-use tech, Wonolo removes room for error and speeds up access to eager talent. 

  1. Connect the right workers to the right business – Each worker’s needs are different, but the same can be said of businesses. Wonolo uses pattern recognition and worker profiles to connect businesses with high-quality talent quickly. Whether it’s for on-demand or temp-to-hire jobs, everyone has access to the flexibility they need in a dynamic environment.
  2. Leverage technology to deliver fast talent – By using app technology to connect workers to businesses, Wonolo removes the need for mountains of paperwork and time spent communicating between intermediaries. This helps businesses hire fast in any market while letting workers find gigs and get paid quickly. 
  3. Produce higher fill rates with less work for HR – Wonolo vets workers ahead of time and provides comprehensive job reporting and resources, taking the stress off HR and internal teams while still providing the insights they need to grow your business.

Tap into the evolving gig workforce with Wonolo

Whether you’re an HR or Operations Manager manager or an eager professional, no one can afford to be rigid in such a rapidly fluctuating market. Wonolo offers flexible options that unite businesses with the entire workforce, creating connections that serve workers and employers beyond their moment of need. We’re your long-term solution to temporary change, and we’re working with you to create a job market that works for everyone.

To hear more insights about the evolving market from our CSO, Monica Plaza, and our VP of Demand, Robert Merritt, check out this podcast.