• A temporary worker in a yellow Wonolo shirt is standing next to a moving dolly with a box on it.

2022 was a big year for Wonolo! Full of important milestones and big wins for everyone, here are some of the 2022 highlights for both our customers and temporary workers on our platform.

A Snapshot of Temp Work on Wonolo Last Year:

Wonolo operated in 359 cities with 770,556 jobs completed by Wonoloers in the following industries:

  • Warehouse Operations
  • Manufacturing
  • General Labor
  • Hospitality
  • Delivery
  • Merchandising
  • Food Production
  • Event Staffing
  • Cleaning

A person in a black shirt that says Wonolo in yellow holds up their hands in the shape of a W.

A Deeper Look:

Wonolo had a total of 390,262 new workers sign up in 2022.

Of all jobs posted on Wonolo in 2022, 72% were accepted by workers, with it taking an average of 72 hours to fill 75% of accepted jobs.

Of all active workers on Wonolo, 80% became repeat workers who continued to accept more engagements through our platform. 74% completed more than 1 job for a single customer.

Workers on Wonolo had an over 90% attendance rate for all jobs accepted and showed up on time for 75% of jobs, ready to work.

Meet the temporary workers who accepted and worked the most jobs on Wonolo in 2022!

A lineup of three temporary workers from Wonolo who worked temp jobs in 2022.

Temporary Workers and the Economy:

As the economy evolved in 2022, Wonolo advocated for fair and competitive pay for workers. 

A graph displaying the average minimum wage compared to the average wage temporary workers make from jobs on Wonolo.

By enabling workers to find temp work on our platform, many Wonoloers obtained the funds they needed for critical items. *The combined pay for those working jobs on Wonolo in 2022 is the equivalent of:

  • 79,679 months of rent
  • 103,277 months of childcare
  • 154,637 months of healthcare
  • 226,070 months of food

Why did temporary workers use Wonolo in 2022?

A photo of a temporary worker you can find on Wonolo.Meet Chandell Thompson, a 2022 Wonoloer and military dependent who values job flexibility.

“I’ve been using Wonolo for over a year and it’s so convenient to be able to push that app on my phone and search the location. And it’s perfect when you’re on the move because I am a dependent of the army and it’s so convenient… This saves me time filling out applications, going to interviews – I love it.”



A photo of a gig worker from the Wonolo platform.

Tameka Gates is another individual who used Wonolo in 2022 to find temp work and still be available for family.

“I’ve been Wonoloing for about two and a half years. I do it simply because it is very flexible for me as I am married and I’m a mom of four. My oldest has just entered high school. My youngest just went to preschool. And so therefore [Wonolo] affords me the opportunity to be able to be with my children and available at any time as needed.”


A photo of a person that likes to find flexible work by using Wonolo.When Tameka Adams is in control of her schedule, everyone wins.

“I Wonolo because it allows me the flexibility to work for the company that I want to work for, on the day that I want to work, during the time that I want to work. And for the amount of pay that I see fit for my work or service. And with all that power and flexibility, it allows the company to get the best work out of me.”



Need temporary workers for your 2023 staffing strategy?

Whether you’re planning ahead for seasonal demand spikes or need a new solution to scale with demand all year long, Wonolo is ready to partner with you for both short-term and long-term worker engagements. We can help you connect with the high-quality workers you need right now through Wonolo’s two-sided marketplace. Get in touch today to learn more about our platform!


*Figures were calculated by taking the number of total earnings by workers on Wonolo during all of 2022 and dividing by each line item’s national cost average.