Gig Economy

Why building Wonolo is so rewarding

Yong Kim on Oct. 20, 2014

I was woken by a violent shake. When I opened my eyes, the whole house was trembling. It was an earthquake! After living in San Francisco for almost 5 years, I became numb to small earthquakes that occurred here and [...]

7 Reasons Why Your Business Should Try On-Demand Staffing

Avatar photo Wonolo on Aug. 18, 2014

If you ever thought Amazon Prime delivery was too slow, you are probably neck-deep into the on-demand economy. From on-demand dinner to on-demand drivers to on-demand doctors, anything you need is available with the push of a button right to [...]

Entering the second half of our first year

Yong Kim on Aug. 12, 2014

I am hustling around Fisherman’s Wharf with 3 other Wonoloers, trying to get 30 seconds with people passing by. “What are you doing tonight? Do you like comedy?” Today, my job is to sell comedy show tickets for a SF [...]

My First Job

Yong Kim on Jul. 19, 2014

My very first job was as a newspaper delivery boy for one of the largest newspaper companies in Korea. Although I was getting paid only $3 per hour, I really wanted the new Nintendo and this was the only job [...]

Lean Startup? How about Lean Recruiting?

Yong Kim on Jun. 5, 2014

Last year about this time, I was flying in a private jet with a CEO and a CFO of a fast-growing software company during its IPO roadshow, visiting investors at their swanky offices across the country. Today, I am riding [...]

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