Today, we are thrilled to announce Wonolo has officially launched in Phoenix, Arizona! Serving the city of Phoenix and greater metropolitan area including Scottsdale, Tempe, and Mesa, we are eager to bring the power of flexible, on-demand work to this community.

Many have asked us, Why Phoenix? For us, the decision was simple. We were founded as a solution to help businesses meet unpredictable and variable labor demands, while also providing flexible jobs for frontline workers. In Phoenix, we see a tremendous opportunity to make an impact with both the business and labor communities, and we’re excited to get started.  

While the unemployment rate is at historic lows nationwide, the current unemployment rate in Phoenix hovers above the national average and underemployment continues to be a struggle for many workers. Our mission has always been to help people find the right jobs for their unique situations and lives. We believe in the democratization of work, and in empowering the flexible workforce. In Phoenix, we see a chance to provide economic opportunity and good jobs for the hard-working people that need them most.

We also believe all our workers should have an equal opportunity to work. That’s why we built our platform with an emphasis on eliminating hiring bias and removing pay discrepancies between different groups of workers. While recent research shows that women generally earn 80% of what men make, on Wonolo’s platform the gender pay gap is only two percent. Wonolo also provides an opportunity to earn 32% more than the minimum wage – according to our 2018 analysis of work, the average Wonoloer earned $14.54 per hour  – while the minimum wage in Arizona is $11 per hour.

We take pride in the many ways our platform brings economic opportunity to all, and can’t wait to bring equal pay and flexible job opportunities to the blue-collar workforce in Phoenix.

The Phoenix metropolitan area represents an integral part of both Arizona’s economy and that of the entire Southwest. As a growing hub for manufacturing and light industrial industries, Phoenix businesses need support to find high-quality, hardworking entry-level workers. The expanding business community needs flexible and scalable talent on demand to support their growth and the economic development of the greater metropolitan area. Wonolo is excited to be a part of this solution as a seamless platform that provides access to thousands of potential workers.

We’ll work with small and medium-size businesses as well as large enterprises that all do their part to stimulate the local economy. Many of the jobs on Wonolo are in warehousing, manufacturing, logistics, and customer service – but we can help any business fill their entry-level labor needs. In Phoenix, we’re already supporting many businesses and industries. Requestors (our term for the companies with job requests to fill) will be glad to know both warehousing and manufacturing placed among the top three most popular jobs in our largest markets, according to our recent data report.  

Join Us!

Over the last five years, we’ve steadily grown our presence in major markets across the country, building a community of hundreds of thousands of Wonoloers and Requestors. We’re so excited to officially launch in Phoenix today, and welcome you all to our broader Wonolo community. We’ll be hosting several in-person events throughout the month to answer any questions and help onboard new Wonoloers.  Sign up through our website in minutes to get access to a reliable workforce.

We also hope you’ll join us at Copper Blues on Friday, May 17 to watch the Arizona Diamondbacks host the SF Giants. We’ll have merchandise giveaways and surprises in store for Wonoloers and Requestors.

If you’re a business looking to solve staffing needs, you can contact us at sales@wonolo.com or sign up at https://try.wonolo.com/contact-us/.

For more information, please visit: https://try.wonolo.com/hello-phoenix/ or download the Wonolo app to become a Wonoloer today!