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  • Favoriting workers on wonolo

Building an efficient and productive company can be an ongoing challenge. There are tough moments at every step, but here we focus on finding the right workers, when you need them. One way to make this process easier is to start using the Wonolo app so you can take full advantage of its features, including the ability to favorite workers.

How Wonolo Helps You Find Experienced Workers

Wonolo is a new kind of solution to finding temporary workers. Whether you’re anticipating a busy season or ramping up production, it’s important your business may be able to benefit from the use of temporary workers that you can trust. During those peak times all eyes will be on efficiency and productivity, so it’s even more essential that you have the workers you need. 

Stay in Control of Your Workflows

Because Wonolo is an on-demand job marketplace app, you can manage your posted jobs right from your mobile device. That is particularly important if you are on-the-go in the field or on-call in the warehouse. You can use the app to find workers, engage with them, message them, and favorite the ones you may want to invite back for future opportunities. It is a seamless, fast, and efficient way to find and engage with temporary workers. 

Engage With Preferred Wonoloers

A big advantage of using the Wonolo app is that you can easily tag workers you had a positive experience working with as “Preferred Wonoloers” so that they will get early access to your future job postings. Plus different members of your team can create their own unique list of Preferred Wonoloers. This is particularly nice if you have a big warehouse with multiple teams on the floor. 

The Preferred Wonoloer feature enables you to connect with Wonoloers who are familiar with your business model and have prior experience completing the services requested of them. This can save you time and headaches when filling a new opportunity. 

Wonolo Helps Businesses Scale

Being in charge of your business’ operations means you keep an eye on productivity and efficiency. That’s why using Wonolo to help you connect with workers and leverage their prior experiences with your company can be to your advantage. Once workers complete a job, you can even mark someone as a Preferred Wonoloer, which will give them early access to your company’s future job postings. It’s a win-win: you can engage with productive workers with experience with your business, and those workers can get early access to accept your company’s listing. It’s just one of the ways that Wonolo is helping companies seamlessly and efficiently find the workers they need.