Britt Miller

Britt Miller

We often hear of the ‘9-to-5’ work schedule but for some businesses, 24/7 operations are the norm. Warehouses and manufacturing facilities can keep things moving around the clock, and hospitality companies such as hotels maintain general staffing at all hours. The challenge for these 24-hour businesses is finding qualified workers willing to work odd hours. If you’re one of them, here are a few helpful tips to find the right talent for every shift.

Recruit in the Right Places

Finding people willing to work odd hours is a matter of looking in the right places. Rather than posting on traditional job boards, where people are typically searching for 9-to-5 jobs, recruit in places where people actively search for jobs that accommodate flexible schedules. College students, for instance, are either enrolled in day or evening classes but need to earn cash in their spare time.

Ask for Referrals

How to Find Workers Willing to Work Odd Hours - Ask for Referrals

When you’re looking for workers willing to work odd hours, asking your current workers for recommendations may be a good starting point. They may have a friend or former co-worker who’s used to a non-traditional work schedule who happens to be looking for work.

Be Clear in Job Postings

No matter where you recruit, be transparent about the hours required in your job postings to save yourself time. Doing so will weed out applicants who aren’t willing to work unusual hours. Not all applicants take the time to carefully read all the details before applying, so be sure to reiterate the required hours and shifts whenever possible.

Offer Incentives

How to Find Workers Willing to Work Odd Hours - Offer Incentives

Offering incentives for odd-hour jobs is another strategy to get jobs filled. Some members of your existing workforce might be interested in earning extra pay, and a higher hourly rate for working a Saturday or an overnight shift might be just the incentive they need to raise their hand.

This may not be a long-term solution, as the number of hours a worker works in a given week has regulatory implications, such as overtime pay and benefit requirements. If you’re in need of occasional help to pick up an extra odd shift or two, offering incentives to your existing workforce may be a viable solution.

Look to the Gig Economy

College students aren’t the only ones interested in odd working hours. Many people take on part-time jobs to supplement their full-time income, often looking for jobs during the evenings and weekends. In other cases, partners may work opposite schedules to accommodate childcare needs, meaning one parent works evening shifts or overnights while the other works during the day.

To tap into this potential workforce, look to the gig economy. Platforms like Wonolo’s on-demand staffing solution connect thousands of pre-screened workers with companies who need a flexible workforce. Wonolo’s average time-to-fill rate is shorter than traditional staffing agencies, and it can cost up to 40% less. In fact, requesting Wonoloers is free – you’ll only pay when a job is successfully completed.

With Wonolo, you can post your job in just seconds. Our algorithm automatically ranks and notifies over 300,000 pre-screened workers who are ready to accept your job in minutes – meaning no waiting days or weeks while you review applications and conduct interviews to find a suitable worker. Wonoloers turn to Wonolo to find jobs that meet their scheduling needs, whether they’re looking to pick up a few extra warehousing shifts or work consistently to earn a full-time income. That means there are many Wonoloers who are ready and willing to accept those odd-hour jobs, from overnight shifts to a weekend event staffing gig.

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