• Wonolo

Michael Korenkiewicz is RVP of Enterprise Sales and based out of Philadelphia, affectionately nicknamed Krank.

Michael always knew he wanted to do mission-driven work, particularly in regards to helping others find the right fit job-wise. How?

At an early age, Michael’s father lost both of his parents and in turn was raised by his aunts. His aunts were not equipped financially to raise him and unfortunately had to separate him and his sister. This also led to Michael’s father taking on a lot of roles and responsibilities like looking for work during the school year and when summers came. While his father was willing and able, it was still always a challenge to find work. He did manage to find temporary jobs where he delivered pizzas, painted, and worked in warehouses.

As Michael walked through life himself, married with three children, he held onto those personal reflections of his father’s stories. He worked throughout his own schooling, tried to pay down debt, and he too struggled to find opportunities for fulfilling and sustainable employment.

After going through the same struggles his father did, Michael felt deeply moved to affect the lives of others in similar situations. So when Michael came to the point in his career that led him to Wonolo, he knew this mission-driven company was for him.

“In a customer-facing roll, it’s important to talk to the community”, Michael stated, “on a recent Uber ride I chatted with the driver and told him about Wonolo…that Uber driver actually called to thank me today after finding work on our platform. It’s these moments that validate Why Wonolo for me. Wonolo gives people that second chance from a bad interview, a second chance many people would never have otherwise.”

Fun fact: in his spare time spending time on Long Beach Island with family and friends.