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Access to an almost immediate, pre-qualified, on-demand temporary workers is a dream for many businesses. There’s a great need for a flexible workforce of reliable, motivated people that you can deploy at a moment’s notice.

Here at Wonolo, we recognize that need. We’ve put a great deal of analysis, research, and effort into creating this platform — so you can find and place temporary workers quickly and easily. We’re here to answer your questions about the Wonolo platform so you can see if it’s right for your business.

How Does Wonolo Work?

Wonolo is an on-demand staffing marketplace. It connects businesses which have temporary staffing needs (Requestors) with workers who can meet those needs (Wonoloers). Requestors post jobs into our marketplace, Wonoloers can then review those positions and decide if they want to do the work.

Once the Wonolo job is accepted we take care of all the administration, payment, and more. All you need to do is let the Wonoloers know what they’ll be required to do when they get to your business.

Why Might My Business Want to Use Wonolo?

Wonolo is built around one simple principle — matching you with effective, on-demand, temporary workers so you can meet business needs.

We know that business can be unpredictable — sudden spikes in demand, seasonal variations, new projects, and more all require an adaptable, flexible workforce. Wonolo is here to help you plug that gap by giving you rapid access to a pool of pre-qualified, vetted, motivated, and reliable workers at a moment’s notice.

What are Wonolo Temporary, On-Demand Workers Best Suited To?

Wonolo is designed around providing you with pre-vetted, motivated workers. Typical jobs you’ll find Wonoloers excel at are positions like warehouse workers, delivery drivers, general laborers, merchandisers, data entry clerks, servers, dishwashers, cooks, and event staff.

How Do You Qualify On-Demand Workers?

We require all workers to agree to our temporary worker contract which clearly outlines expectations of all workers. We also vet workers through tests, background checks, and screening calls. These ensure that Wonoloers possess the “5Ps” — character traits which data has shown to indicate strong performance on Wonolo. The 5Ps are Prepared, Professional, Positive, Polite, and Punctual.

Finally, all Wonoloers are rated and reviewed, allowing the best Wonoloers to get more access to good jobs. Our qualification process works well — the workers we place receive an average of 4.84 out of 5 stars for satisfaction from businesses like yours.

How Do You Keep Temporary Worker Standards High?

In addition to our rating system, we incentivize our workers through performance-based rewards. Consistently performing quality work to high standards means they can earn bonus payments and other benefits. If workers can’t meet our high standards, we limit their access to the platform, ensuring you only access the most reliable on-demand workforce.

How Quickly Can I Fill a Temporary Position?

On average, as quickly as four minutes! As soon as you post your job, it is circulated to our qualified population of available Wonoloers. Our average fill rate is 90%, compared to traditional temporary and contract staffing companies’ 34% fill rate

How Cost-Effective is Wonolo?

Our investment in state-of-the-art technology, an accessible platform, and a qualified workforce means we can match you with workers at very affordable rates. On average, filling positions through Wonolo will cost you 40% less than using a traditional temporary worker staffing agency.

There are no upfront costs for your business, requesting Wonoloers is free of charge, and you just pay a small fee after a job is completed successfully. There are plenty of hidden cost savings too, for example:

  • Operations and HR managers will not spend time posting openings on multiple job sites, screening applicants, or contacting multiple staffing agencies.
  • Our algorithm automatically ranks and notifies vetted Wonoloers for your job.
  • Thousands of pre-screened workers are prepared to accept your job in minutes.
  • HR managers save time because Wonolo is built for business — our on-demand platform has HR and legal compliance built in.
  • Save on payroll — Wonolo handles all payroll paperwork.
  • Wonolo handles payment, insurance, support, and vetting.

Can I Trust Wonolo?

Companies like Coca-Cola, the Home Shopping Network, Papa John’s Pizza, Unum, Eddie Bauer, Uniqlo, The North Face, and Johnson & Johnson certainly think so — they are all clients of ours. We serve large and small businesses in many cities across the country.

We’re delighted that our clients have such positive things to say about us.

“We are such fans of Wonolo. Their incredibly easy and intuitive platform allows us to quickly post last minute jobs, which accommodates for the spikes in our business. Furthermore, their pool of people have always been courteous and professional and work seamlessly with our team. We could not be happier with this service.” — Karin, Co-Founder

“Thanks!! Wonolo has been a lifesaver for us this week as we are working to get through our backlog of donations. One thing I love is that almost anytime we have someone in from Wonolo, they already know at least 2 or 3 people there from previous jobs. Such a great community of people that you all are helping to foster!” — Lindsay, Warehouse Manager

“Working with Wonolo has allowed us to be flexible as our business has grown by leaps and bounds. We can now grow faster because we can fulfill our demand.” — Minnie, Head of E-Commerce Operations

We’ve also had plenty of positive press coverage, including:

Can Wonoloers Trust Wonolo?

Yes. Wonolo was created inside The Coca-Cola Company and has many top tier investors. We provide support through the app, pay promptly, and ensure that hard-working Wonoloers are properly recognized and incentivized. We work hard to build and retain trust with Wonoloers and Requestors, and have paid out tens of millions of dollars since inception in 2014.

What do Wonoloers Think of Using the Platform?

We’re glad you asked — here’s what they’re saying about us.

“Wonolo is a great app. I have been able to do a large variety of work, learn new job skills, and meet all kinds of interesting people. I started using Wonolo in So-Cal about 8 months ago, and it has enabled me to relocate to the bay area. If Wonolo is in your area, and you want a little side work, or even want to try it full time I highly recommend it.”

“I love Wonolo!! Wow — the answer to my concern for years. How can I juggle spending time with my grade school son, go to college, do homework, and have a life?! Wonolo is it! I was a little skeptical at first because it did sound a little TOO good to be true but once I passed my background check and installed the app, it spoke for itself. The app is sooo simple, yes it has a few glitches here and there but so what? You can easily browse job offers/pick up shifts from cool companies or start-ups when you want!”

“I recently started using Wonolo and the experience has been excellent thus far. I like the freedom Wonolo gives me to take jobs on demand. I can work as much or as little as I want. I like being able to pick diverse and interesting assignments. I like it so much I’ve recommended it to several friends.”

Can You Give Examples of Wonolo in Action?

Of course. We’ve got plenty of resources to help you learn about Wonolo and how it can help you. We’ve selected some of our case studies below to help explain the power of the Wonolo platform.

  • Thistle — “You can’t source someone new in less than 12 hours from a job board. When growth went from stable to rocketship, we needed help sourcing, hiring, and onboarding to keep up.”
  • AVID Logistics — “In the past with traditional temp agencies I didn’t get the people I needed and they didn’t deliver the expectations I had. Wonolo has unlocked a new opportunity for us.”
  • AMP Printing — “I have no doubt that we would be able to accept any project with Wonolo’s help. We never want to say no to work.”

We also have eBooks, infographics, templates, videos, and reports — all free for you to access.

OK, You’ve Convinced Me, What’s Next?

Getting on-demand, temporary workers through Wonolo couldn’t be easier.

  1. Sign up for Wonolo and create an account.
  2. Enter some details for your business.
  3. Post temporary, on-demand jobs.
  4. Set it and forget it. Wonoloers will accept your job and show up at the designated time.
  5. Get to work!

That’s it — everything you need to know about working with the Wonolo app and taking advantage of our on-demand, temporary worker marketplace. We’re here to help, so if you need any further support, please do get in touch.