• Wonolo

Like most applications, Wonolo offers support for any technical issues you may have. But, did you also know that the Wonolo Support Team is here to help around the clock with many other problems too, such as onboarding, gigs, payments, promotions, and more?

“We get a lot of inquiries about payments. Most of those are questions about payment status, missing payments, or pay for additional hours worked,” says Gina, a Wonolo Support Team Manager. “I try to remind Wonoloers to remember to properly tap the start and completion of each job in the Wonolo app to avoid payment delays, make sure their linked bank account is active and, since the app updates frequently, to always have the latest version of the Wonolo app on their phones.”

Beyond the technical aspects, Gina says she believes a Wonoloer’s attitude is as important as the application.

“The advice I give to Wonoloers most often is to enjoy each job you take on and be positive,” she says. “A good attitude and a good work ethic will get better ratings from Requestors, and that will create opportunities for even more work.”

While most Wonoloers strive to follow Gina’s advice, there are those times when stuff happens. And Wonolo Support is ready for that too, according to Ivy, another Wonolo Support Team Manager.

“We receive disputes on no-shows frequently. On some of them, the Wonoloer is at fault, but sometimes jobs can be tagged as a ‘no-show’ by mistake,” she says. “When that happens, we check geotags to make sure the Wonoloer went to the site and we reach out to the Requestor for further verification. We want to make sure that any errors on our end don’t count against the Wonoloer.”

Ivy noted that, while mistakes do happen, the restricted access, and the many job opportunities you can miss, are the most important reason to avoid no-shows and poor ratings at all costs. That’s another reason Ivy reminds Wonoloers to be familiar with the Wonoloer User Guide, always fully read a job description before you hit “Accept,” and be professional at all times as you complete the job.

Beyond payment and no-show issues, both Gina and Ivy said there’s no typical day in Wonolo Support. Every email is answered on an individual basis and, when the messages pile up, the team works extra hours to keep up. And, when an issue is especially urgent or complicated, Gina says the Support Team will even offer outbound phone support to get to the bottom of a problem.

“We use outbound call support for urgent concerns or other cases where a phone call is easier than exchanging emails,” Gina says. “My favorite part of my job is listening to, and being able to help, Wonoloers. To me, a Wonoloer isn’t a number or a customer. They’re real people, just like me, and they each have their own story to tell.”

Finally, while we hope to someday make the Wonolo platform perfect, today there is still work to do and, as every phone and operating system is different, sometimes, there may be technical glitches that can affect your user experience. When that happens, Ivy says Wonolo Support is always ready to help, because their job is to help you keep working.

“Things may not always work perfectly, but we’re working hard to make the system better, we’re here to help, and we really do care,” she says.

Need help with your account? For assistance with any issues, as well as contact information for the Wonolo Support team, visit the Support page here.