• Wonolo

My name is Erin and I am a Wonoloer. Before Wonolo I was a career wanderer.  

My friend once joked with me that I was the most employable person she knew.

I’ve been a claims adjuster, debt collector, legal recruiter, tech recruiter, head lice removal technician- each year I had a different job. In truth, I just enjoy having a variety of experiences and meeting new people. My dad worked for the same company for 35+ years and that was not something I’ve ever envisioned for myself.

In 2015 I relocated from NYC to the Bay Area to be in the heart of tech innovation around other thinkers and doers. I learned about Wonolo from a colleague while I was working as a weekend delivery driver for Imperfect Produce, a Bay Area startup and Wonolo Requestor.  I remember looking at the Wonolo app and being amazed by the variety of available jobs. Many of my previous jobs required resumes and multi-round interviews. It was exciting to log onto the app and try a new job without having to commit to coming back the next day.

I’ve worked a variety of Wonolo jobs from market research, subscription box assembly to pizza delivery. I was even an actress for a high-tech scavenger hunt where I played a pirate on a beach in Santa Cruz. After completing the actress job about a month later the Requestor reached out and asked me  if I was interested in a full-time job as a Game Producer with their company. That one Wonolo job changed my life and shortly after I was traveling the country building scavenger hunts for corporate team-building events with The Go Game.

Following a year of full-time travel, I returned to the Bay Area and began working remotely for a tech company and sporadically picking up delivery jobs on Wonolo. Out of the blue, I received an email from Wonolo’s CTO, Jeremy, inquiring whether he could shadow me on my next Wonolo pizza delivery job to gain insight on the Wonoloer experience. That one ride with Jeremy led to me meeting the entire Wonolo team and eventually joining the company as the Wonolo Community Manager!

Being the Community Manager at Wonolo has been super exciting and a tremendous learning experience. I spend a lot of time speaking with other Wonoloers to learn more about their experience, meeting with companies to form partnerships like Stride Health and PerkSpot to create value for Wonoloers, hosting exclusive events for Wonoloers and doing a variety of other tasks to keep Wonoloers happy and engaged.

My advice for other Wonoloers is to be optimistic, friendly and to always give each job 100% of your effort because you never know when an opportunity of a lifetime will come your way. I’m a midwest girl- born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. I never dreamed that I would have the opportunity to travel to 46 states with all my expenses paid, or be a part of a team of smart and driven misfits who are determined to make Wonolo the best on-demand app for gig-workers across the world. I tell everyone that Wonolo is an opportunity marketplace – so, be on the lookout because Wonolo is coming to a city near you!

Wonoloing allows me to travel the country, meet new people and have invaluable experiences.