Britt Miller

Britt Miller

  • Wonolo

My name is Jodi and I am a Wonoloer. Before Wonolo I felt stuck.

I was earning minimum wage working as a car inspector and my company was relocating to a city an hour away. I really loved my job and was willing to commute, but when my manager refused to give me a $2 an hour raise, I had to find another job.

A friend who was on Wonolo told me about the app. I was used to the old school temp agencies where you have to get up at 5 am, stand in line and hope to get selected. But Wonolo is different. I love that there is an app that gives me the power to select a job right at my fingertips.

I like fast-paced work environments so I usually accept warehouse jobs. It’s really important to fully read the job description before accepting a job because not every warehouse job is the same. I once worked a job that required me to lift 75lb-100lb+ pallets and that was intense. I finished that job, earned a 5- Star rating but decided to keep looking. After becoming a preferred Wonoloer at a few Requestors, I eventually lucked up on AMP Printing.

Wonolo has opened up so many doors for me. AMP Printing is a major company- I’ve been in the Bay Area my entire life and outside of Wonolo, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to work here.  Every day I gave it my all, got to know the team and eventually was offered a full-time job with AMP Printing. It was a really proud moment for me because the owner recognized my hard work and invited me to join the AMP family and I appreciated it.

Being a Wonoloer enabled me to acquire new skills and explore many new jobs until I found a place where I wanted to be. Every day I am excited to go to work. I’m learning the presses, how all the systems work- I even learned to drive the forklift. When new Wonoloers come in I try to chat with them and give them pointers on how to do different tasks. I love Wonolo and I want to make sure other Wonoloers do a good job and represent Wonolo well.

From the flexibility of accepting any job to the holiday bonuses and incentives, Wonolo is hella better than regular staffing agencies. I recently won a $100 Amazon gift card in the “Joy to Jobs” raffle – and it came at the perfect time- and helped me get my shoes for my new job. Since I now have access to the Wonolo Discount Program, next time I’ll check them out first.

Wonolo is a great foot in the door for new opportunities and careers.  It might take 2 jobs or it could take 70 jobs- but if you read the job description thoroughly, come to the job and give it 100%, you are definitely headed in the right direction.

Wonoloing allows me to have a new career and build a life that makes me proud.