Britt Miller

Britt Miller

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This month is Women’s History Month and we want to take the time on International Women’s Day to celebrate the women Wonoloers who accept jobs on our app. Most people think that it’s mainly men who are in blue-collar jobs, but in many major cities, 50% of the workforce are women.

Want to dive deeper into who these women are?

Desiree is a fine artist and a mother in Texas who found the Wonolo app at the beginning of 2020. Her life is jammed packed with responsibilities like caring for her children and her artistry. When she was looking for work again, she knew it had to be flexible. Accepting Wonolo jobs on our app has worked perfectly for her. Dive into more of Desiree’s story.

Another Wonoloer in Texas is Riffiale, who heard about Wonolo through a friend when her current job was cutting her hours. She’s been accepting jobs on the Wonolo app since September of  2019. Throughout the pandemic, she’s been able to refer many of her friends to Wonolo after they were laid off. She loves being able to try new work and meet new people each time she accepts a job. 

The job search is a tough process to go through and it can feel overwhelming going through the motions. Jessica from Chicago experienced all the steps of applying for a job, sending her resume, and not being accepted. It felt defeating, but when she heard about the Wonolo app and started accepting jobs, everything changed! She didn’t have to worry about going through an application process and could start working right away. It was a game-changer. Check out more about Jessica’s Wonoloer experience.

Iris was the Wonoloer of the Month in February of this year and shares about how finding a job in Texas was challenging since it was during the pandemic. She was never given the chance to show her work ethic and was always judged by her past. Downloading the Wonolo app and accepting jobs has given her the ability to have endless opportunities. She now has the power to work when and where she wants. Definitely learn more about Iris’ story.

Thank you for taking the time to read about these amazing women Wonoloers. We’ll continue to celebrate women all month and year long!