Britt Miller

Britt Miller

Hey there! I’m Chris and I pick up jobs on the Wonolo app in the Nashville market. I’m a husband and father of seven! As you can imagine, there’s always something going on. Either I’m working or spending time with my family. In the early morning hours, I have a full-time inventory job, but much of the early afternoon is open to me. 

I heard about Wonolo through my wife’s best friend and it’s been exactly what I needed. I wanted to work some extra hours and was looking for part-time work, but now I pick up jobs through the app and it fits my schedule so much better. I can pick up jobs a few times a week or even every day. I love that I have control over my schedule.

The reason why I pick up jobs on the Wonolo app is to have some extra spending money for my kids. They all play sports, so we’re buying gear or traveling with them to different tournaments. I love providing for them and seeing them succeed in something they love. 

I am very motivated by getting 5-star reviews. I want business owners to want me to come back. My name and reputation of being a hard worker are well-known, and I always want to live up to that standard. Many managers have even wanted me to come on full-time, but I enjoy the flexibility too much. I loved being called a Wonoloer and am proud to represent the community. 

Since becoming a Wonoloer, I now see that I have the ability to go out on my own and build a business that I am passionate about. I can’t share the details quite yet. However, Wonolo is my main inspiration. I know that I have the work ethic and drive to create an income without having someone always manage me.