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Hi there! My name is Desiree. I’m a mother of two grown boys. I have a master’s degree in fine art and photo restoration. I still am a fine artist and focus on painting, charcoal, and graphite with a Realism style. I am also a Wonoloer and accept jobs to supplement my income. I heard about Wonolo at the beginning of this year. I had lost my other job and was on the job hunt. I couldn’t find anything, so Wonolo has been the perfect way of earning an income with flexibility.

Wonolo surprised me right away! I couldn’t believe that I could work one day and get paid a few days later. I was always used to waiting for two weeks, but I don’t need to do that anymore. It’s been awesome to be to grow quickly within the community as well. There are more and more jobs popping up on the app every day. I meet people all the time and have actually created life-long friendships with many other Wonoloers.

I was also surprised by Wonolo’s Wonolo Up program. I use the benefits all the time including, HSA, dental, and vision insurance. 

After the pandemic is over, I plan to continue to be a Wonoloer and an artist. Having both will give me the flexibility to be able to travel. Recently, I was able to see family in other states. While I visited, I picked up a few Wonolo jobs! It was awesome to be able to travel and make a little extra spending money while I was there. 

I’m so grateful that I found Wonolo. I am proud of what Wonolo is doing and that I can be a part fo this community!