Britt Miller

Britt Miller

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Hey! My name is Tulani and I’m a Wonoloer in Chicago. A little background about me, I was born in Kenya and moved to Chicago when I was four years old. My focus and passion are performing! I travel all around Chicago and the Midwest and play sonic soul music. You can check out my recent work here.

When I heard about Wonolo, I was working with a temp agency and a colleague of mine told me about the app. They talked about how easy it was to find work and how quickly they got paid. The was enough for me to know and get started. I officially worked my first Wonolo job in November of 2019, so almost a year ago. 

I would do a few jobs here and there around my performance schedule. However, since the beginning of the pandemic, I’ve worked a lot more Wonolo jobs. The music industry is at a halt as far as live performances go, so I’m working now to be able to travel more once it’s safe. 

One thing I noticed when I started accepting Wonolo jobs was that the actual locations and businesses were of a higher caliber. They were cleaner. The companies took care of the job sites. Overall, from getting a job notification to getting paid fast, the experience has been awesome. 

Everyone should try at least one job. I’m a hustler and I go where the money is. You’ll see that once you’re on the app, you can pick jobs that appeal to you. There isn’t a hard commitment either. I can still do what I love, which is performing, and be a Wonoloer making money! Believe in yourself. You’ll be surprised as to where you go.