• Wonolo

Introducing the new and improved Wonolo Dashboard!

We heard your feedback loud and clear. We are excited to announce improvements to the Wonolo Dashboard, making it easier for you to manage your job postings and connect with great Wonoloers. 

We phased out the 5-star rating system, so you no longer have to spend time rating each Wonoloer you work with. Instead, you can bulk-approve Wonoloers and “Favorite” people you’d like to invite back for future jobs. Favorites will get priority notification of your future job postings. 

In addition to the Wonolo Dashboard, our algorithm will be undergoing improvements to leverage key quality performance indicators in place of ratings. Our goal is to reduce subjectivity in the rating system and provide you with a better indication of the workers showing up.

Manage jobs efficiently 

We’ve streamlined our multiple job functions into a single “Manage Jobs” section in the new Wonolo Dashboard. Now you can post, edit, and view job postings all in one place. Plus, you can sort jobs in chronological order and use new filters: Approved, In Progress, Ready to Approve, Unfilled, and Upcoming. You can get a quick snapshot of your job stats within 7 days in our updated Overview Charts. 

Identify great Wonoloers 

You won’t have to provide a rating for every Wonoloer you work with from now on. Instead, you will be asked to approve them upon the completion of a job. You can approve Wonoloers in bulk, and you will also have the option to “Favorite” Wonoloers you particularly liked and wish to invite back in the future. 

You’ll also still have the option to group your favorite Wonoloers using the Preferred Teams feature, so you can easily organize groups of people for particular jobs or shifts. Our goal is to make it easier than ever to connect with the reliable, high-quality Wonoloers that are right for your job.