March is Women’s History Month, and our community is filled with strong women who are making a difference and using Wonolo as a way to achieve their goals. Too often, people assume blue-collar work is the realm of men, but that’s far from the truth at Wonolo. In fact, in many of our major markets, women represent more than 50% of the workforce. 

So who are these women and why are they turning to Wonolo to find quality jobs? 

Ava, based in Dallas, had always dreamed of going back to school, but never had the work schedule that allowed her to attend classes. When she found Wonolo, she was able to earn a better income and gained flexibility in her schedule. She’s now on her way to earning an engineering degree, and we’re excited to see her dreams become a reality.

Tamieka had a tough time finding work when she moved back to Sacramento, California. She said the whole process was discouraging. Then a friend told her about Wonolo and she decided to give it a shot. She said she was able to find a full-time job through her work on Wonolo. “Every time I did a Wonolo job, I proved my value through my work ethic. I am a MAJOR advocate for Wonolo and tell all my friends about it! It took me a year to convince my best friend to get on Wonolo. He finally did, and now he has a full-time job that he found by accepting Wonolo jobs like me!”

Ashley, also based in Dallas, had moved to Texas from Michigan and needed to find work to provide for her family. As we all know, moving is tough, especially to a new state with young children! Through accepting jobs on Wonolo, she was able to find a leader and workplace that she not only loved, but that also understood her priorities as a mother. Today, she is able to earn a living for her family, while also maintaining a  flexible work schedule to be present with her two sons.

Crystal was working at a racetrack in Dallas but didn’t like the hours, so she starting using Wonolo. She said she even met former President George W. Bush at one of the events she worked. She told us, “Wonolo made it possible for me to be financially independent without needing to go a 9-5 job every day and to have more time with my 8-year-old daughter. Time is precious, and I was able to utilize my time better once Wonolo came into my life!”

There are countless other examples of women thriving in the Wonolo community. We are proud to create a place that lets everyone – regardless of gender, race, or background – succeed. In fact, in a report that we published in 2019, we found we have almost entirely erased the blue-collar gender pay gap on our platform. That’s because Wonolo is open to anyone. You are judged by your ability to follow the 5 P’s (Prepared, Punctual, Professional, Polite, and Positive) rather than your gender or color of your skin. Anyone can sign up for our app and start accepting jobs!

We’ll be sharing more stories of the Wonoloer community and also from Wonolo HQ. Continue to stay tuned as we celebrate Women’s History Month!