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Hi there! This week marks 6 months of my name popping up on the Wonolo blog and I’ve yet to properly introduce myself, so today I’m taking a moment to say hey.

If it were any other ‘Meet Wonolo HQ’ interview I would start by saying, “tell me about the moments in your life that led you to Wonolo”, and then take it from there. Unsurprisingly, over the past few months, I’ve heard some incredible answers (on and off the record) and am grateful to my colleagues who have shared their life stories with me.

So, where did my story start? In Dallas. The daughter of two academics I always knew education was the key to everything. I also knew that one of the greatest gifts you can give is to teach others so that they may do for themselves. When I combined my fundamental beliefs with my passion for words I landed on the career I’m at today. After working in Community Marketing and PR for over 10 years in Dallas, I was looking to solve problems at scale that had a greater potential for impact. That’s when I headed to SF in search of just that.

Today I am grateful to say not only have I landed at a company that matches my personal core values, but I also have the privilege to learn from some of the brightest minds in the world. You all heard from our CEO Yong Kim on Monday as we announced our Series C funding for 32M. What you didn’t read were his internal notes to his team, notes that included words of encouragement as well as personal reflections. That is just one example of the transparency and vulnerability that I’ve witnessed at Wonolo.

As a whole, we are idealistic realists. It is not lost on us that the stakes are high. Yet still, collectively we have chosen to commit ourselves to reforming the status quo of on demand work. We act only after listening and learning. We meet daily to keep each other informed. We show up to the job and give it all we have and then some, because that’s just who we are.

In the coming months I will proceed to introduce you to my colleagues, as well as the community we work to serve, and hope you will continue to enjoy getting to know us.

As for me, I’m Steph Campos and I’m a proud member of team Wonolo. #OneTeamOneDream

And what would the holidays be without a reflection on the good times:

From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!


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