Amber Griffin

Amber Griffin

Here at Wonolo, our goal is to help workers find quality jobs and to help businesses find quality workers. To that end, we recently surveyed approximately 2,000 workers to find out what motivates them, what challenges them, and what they want out of work. This survey gave us new insight into gig workers and the overall state of the gig economy.

Check out the full report for our findings. Here are a couple of the highlights:

1) Flexibility is important to blue collar workers

We found that a flexible schedule helps workers take care of loved ones, earn money while getting an education, or work multiple jobs so they can test different career paths. Gig workers are looking to make money while balancing multiple responsibilities and demands on their time. That is why flexible work is so appealing to many workers out there.

2) Money and respect go hand in hand

We found a wide array of things that are important to workers as they consider a job. Specifically, timely pay and competitive compensation ranked as important factors for the workers we surveyed. Good job conditions, good skill match, opportunities for growth, and being respected also came up as important. These are all factors that indicate that blue collar gig workers want to be treated respectfully and professionally, like any other type of worker would.

We are proud to be a company that serves in-demand blue collar workers and look forward to continuing to help provide them with access to quality jobs. We will be updating this survey in the coming weeks to determine what permanent changes, if any, workers report amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Download the report!