Today, we officially launched a pilot program to help provide access to jobs for people with previous justice system involvement. 

The Path Forward program connects individuals with previous justice system involvement with job opportunities posted by businesses that use the Wonolo platform – meaning these individuals now have a new way to earn money, learn skills, and contribute to the economy.

As our Chief Executive Officer and Cofounder, Yong Kim, said:

“We hope this program expands economic opportunity for workers and businesses all while reducing the stigma associated with people who have been involved in the justice system. The unemployment rate of individuals with criminal convictions is about five times higher than those without. By partnering with businesses open to working with such individuals Wonolo can help fight some of the inequalities plaguing society. We’re grateful to Zoe Cullen of Harvard Business School for helping Wonolo lead this effort, and we’re also grateful for the workers who have already enrolled and the companies that are partnering with us by working with these individuals.”

Wonolo launched the Path Forward program in partnership with a researcher from Harvard Business School. Here’s what the researcher, Zoe Cullen, Professor of Economics at Harvard Business School, said about Path Forward:

“I’m thrilled to be working with Wonolo on an issue of such significant public interest. Through this collaboration, we’re hoping we can show that there’s a better way to screen candidates than the traditional background check, which can suffer from racial bias and perpetuate inequities in the labor market.”

Companies Piloting the Path Forward Program include:

  • Literati (Austin, TX)
  • Advanced American Labs (Atlanta, Ga)
  • Woodhaven Lumber & Millwork (Lakewood, NJ)

How can I participate in Path Forward? 

  • If you or a worker you  know would benefit from this program, please fill out this form
  • If you’re already customer of Wonolo, please reach out to your account manager
  • If you’re a business that is interested with working on Wonolo on Path Forward, reach out to us at pathforward@wonolo.com