• Wonolo

While many businesses are grappling with closures and applying for relief, others deemed essential are trying to meet a sudden increase in demand. At Wonolo we connect temporary workers with open roles, which has given us unique insight into growth at these businesses.

Temporary workers on our platform have seen their hours and pay increase more than 25% since COVID-19 was declared a public health emergency on January 31, 2020. These and other insights are being tracked as part of Wonolo’s new Essential Business Growth Indicator, which analyzes about 40,000 individual shifts, representing hundreds of thousands of hours worked.

Insight 1: Temporary workers using Wonolo are earning 29.3% more amid COVID-19 outbreak

Insight 2: Temporary workers continue to be a lifeline for essential businesses

To build on our response to help workers and businesses stay safe, Wonolo is connecting businesses with safety associates to assist with screening on-site workers, in accordance with public health guidelines.