Britt Miller

Britt Miller

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The winter holidays have ended and a lot of people are going back to their usual jobs. However, some people might want to start off the new year by looking for new adventures in the job field. Whatever the case is, most would say that reaching a certain level of success in a profession is extremely important. But how can this success be achieved?  Actually, the best way to be valued and sought as a worker is to show some (or all) of the characteristics of a good worker. Even though every business is different, most will look for these five traits.

1. Resilience

The most important trait that deserves to be on top of the list and which every good worker should possess is the ability to be resilient. All businesses look for hard-working people who know what they want and will work hard to reach their goals. Being able to stick to these goals is important even in the toughest situations possible. The resilience to handle stressful situations is one of the key traits that a top worker should possess. Stress is something that is part of everyday life, and it will most likely be present in any working environment. The ability to cope with these nerve-wracking situations is a huge plus. Stress should not affect performance in any way, so it is vital that the worker knows how to be as flexible as possible in order to deliver the best results.

2. Clear communication skills and willingness to learn

All of us already know that if we want to get our ideas across, we need to possess good communication skills. An excellent worker should be able to communicate clearly both in oral and written form. This way, the possibility of a project failing is minimal. A solid worker is capable of explaining situations and present solutions to both the clients and other team members. This way, problems are solved in the best manner possible. Nevertheless, if you lack good communication skills, there is a way to improve yourself in this area. A top-quality school such as Sydney College of English is able to help you improve listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills that are essential in your pursuit of getting that job you want.  As a matter of fact, clear communication skills should be actively worked on so they could be improved over time.

3. Time-management skills

A top worker will accomplish more in a small amount of time. Productivity is highly encouraged. Being able to organize your thoughts and assignments, plan, set priorities and solve even the most difficult problem will get you far in your job. High-level of concentration is crucial in order to get all the tasks done in the shortest amount of time. Also, make sure to always arrive on time to work, because no one likes someone who does not take their job seriously.

4. Dependability

A good worker will complete an assigned task that they are held accountable for. Trust is a quality that is built over time, but which can be destroyed in a mere matter of seconds. By being honest and trustworthy with your boss and coworkers, you are able to avoid disputes in the team.

5. Likability

A person who is generally welcoming and who smiles a lot is more likely to succeed than someone who is off-putting. At any job, teamwork is considered key.  A good way to appear more likable is to smile more and be genuinely interested in your coworkers.

In summary, to become successful, be resilient, likable, trustworthy, and possess good communication, and time-managing skills. If you work on these traits, you will definitely be one step closer to achieving your goals.