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So, you’re not gainfully employed. We’ve all been there. And, if you haven’t, don’t get too comfy, because you could be one day. Though the notion of suddenly being “jobless” might seem like the end of the world, don’t forget that you just so happen to be living in the age of on-demand employment – and that means earning some quick cash is well within your reach.

Unemployed and need money fast

It might sound too good to be true, or even gimmicky in some cases, but the gig economy is very much a legitimate option. We all get our food, clothing, and entertainment on-demand, so why not employment, too? You can use the gig economy’s lightning-fast hiring procedures to your advantage and get those bills paid on time.

Here are 5 ways to get the money you need, even when you’re unemployed:

1. Walk a dog

If you have a passion for man’s best friend, consider joining a pet-sitting service, like Rover. It takes a bit of legwork to set up your profile, but once you have been cleared in the system, your services will be searchable for those in your area. The site’s highest earners are pet boarders – those who can accommodate a dog or cat overnight – but dog walkers, especially those willing to do doggy daycare during regular work weeks, can also earn some fast, consistent cash.

2. Make some deliveries

Or, work an event. Or, even use your admin skills for a day. When you use Wonolo, you’re able to accept a range of different temporary jobs, using a handy app on your phone or other chosen device. The process to get started is quick and, unlike temp agencies, you have the autonomy to take on the short-term jobs you want, when you want. The best part? Companies choose you based on your profile, which highlights your personal strengths and prior experience. It’s the simplest way to use your established skills to make the cash you need.

3. Teach English online 5 ways to earn quick cash

If you have a 4-year college degree and, preferably, some teaching or childcare experience, online ESL teaching could be the job for you. ESL teachers, particularly those that hail from the United States and Canada, are in particularly high demand at the moment due to the ever-increasing need for language support in East Asia. Chinese companies, like VIPKID, offer round-the-clock, fully-remote schedules to new hires that pay from $14-$22/hour. It’s a job that does require a couple of weeks of training time, but it’s also one that could give you a solid 25-30 hours per week straight out of the gate.

4. Drive for a ride-sharing service

Put your vehicle to good use by becoming a rideshare driver. The biggest players in the game, Uber and Lyft, offer plenty of incentives to new drivers, including immediate payments, signup bonuses, referral rewards, tips, and even sky-high pay during peak periods. Chances are, you probably already know someone who is working as a rideshare driver either full-time or during their “side-hustle” time. Think strategically and ask a rideshare driver you know for some sage advice while you are waiting the week to be approved.

5. And, sell some stuff while you’re at it

Now that you have some money back in the bank, it’s time to reassess your worldly possessions. Take a look around you – do you really need all of that stuff? When was the last time your kid used their hoverboard, for instance? Are you ever going to use that extra coffee maker your cousin gifted to you two birthdays ago? If the stuff is just collecting dust, then you may as well get some money for it! There are several ways to do this, from selling the goods on eBay to holding a garage sale, posting on social media, or even snapping a pic and uploading it to a community sales app, like OfferUp.

No matter what your tactic may be, there truly are a lot of options out there for those who are willing to try their hands at something new. When it comes to taking advantage of the gig economy, remember that flexibility is the name of the game; the more you are willing to diversify, the more fast cash you’ll be making.

Not sure where to start? Go ahead and complete your profile on the Wonolo app. Not only will you have accomplished the first step in the process, you will also get a better sense of how your skill set fits into the world that is on-demand work.