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We’re all looking to earn some extra cash, whether you’re a broke college student or an office manager saving up for a new car. It’s obvious people want to make extra money, but finding the places to do so might not be as obvious. It’s a tough world out there! But if you know the right places to dig, you’ll find the gold.

As a broke college student, I turned to most of these places looking to do some side hustling and I was definitely not disappointed with the results. All my friends have also tried at least one of these sources at some point in their lives (even my mom). They have all worked! With that being said, I give you my list of all the perfect places to go to earn some extra cash:


Driving with Lyft can make you some good money if you’re driving in a busy area. Everything is through their app. All you’ll need is a car, a valid driver’s license, and a smart phone. When the app sees you’re near a potential passenger, you’ll receive a notification asking you to accept the pick up.

After you accept, the app has a built-in GPS to guide you to the passenger and to his/her destination. Lyft has a great feature that allows passengers to tip you! If you want to make some extra dollars, you should consider offering your passengers water, phone chargers, gum, etc. Those extra bucks will add up to a pretty sweet amount.

You may start driving and picking up passengers on the app whenever you like. However, if you pick up pre-scheduled shifts, you will have priority in receiving notifications when someone needs a ride.


Calling all my creatives out there! If you’re the best at DIY’s, this might be your calling. On Etsy, you can pretty much sell ANYTHING you make. They have 8 categories: Clothing & Accessories, Jewelry, Craft Supplies & Tools, Weddings, Entertainment, Home & Living, Kids & Baby, and Vintage.

If you can produce something that falls into any of these 8 categories, you should definitely try selling it. People LOVE buying items that are not accessible in regular stores. Etsy is where I personally buy handmade greeting cards, laptop decals, and customizable gifts for my friends!

Just simply create your own online shop, list your item, and watch as customers start pouring in. Etsy receives 3.5% of your item’s value, but you can set your amount as low or high as you would like. Make sure you have enough product to meet the amount of orders you’re going to get!


Wonolo is a free app that allows you to work on your own schedule! Wonolo can act as either a side hustle or a replacement of your regular full-time job. If you ever happen to have a free day (planned or unplanned), definitely go onto the Wonolo app to pick up a nearby job.

There is a good variety of jobs to choose from, so you’ll never be bored! On the app, simply look through local jobs available and pick the one that interests you and fits your schedule. Their flexible platform allows you to pick up a job anytime between a month to an hour before the start time. Getting onto the platform is super painless and easy, unlike traditional jobs with resumes and interviews (hate ‘em).

The process is not only flexible but also fast! No more waiting a whole 2 weeks to get paid ever again. You also get to meet some pretty cool people on the job, which is always a bonus.


Calling all my creatives out there (again, but those that just want to design and not manufacture)! Redbubble allows you to upload your own designs onto products without the hassle of making the actual product.

Their products include t-shirts, phone cases, stickers, cards, mugs, pencil cases, and many more. All you have to do is make a killer design and upload it onto their platform! The design automatically uploads onto their different products with the freedom for you to change colors and positions as you please.

There is a static amount Redbubble takes from the specific product for manufacturing purposes. Any additional amount you set will go straight into your pocket!


I’m sure we all know of someone who’s ordered from Postmates, if you haven’t ordered from them yourself. But working on the platform isn’t too shabby either.

All you’ll need is a form of transportation and a smart phone! (Yes, you can drive, bike, walk, or scoot) Everything is through the Postmates’ app. As you receive delivery orders on the app, simply accept the order, go to the restaurant to purchase the food with the debit card provided by Postmates, and deliver!

Scheduling is super convenient because you can work any time you want for as long as you want. You also get first dibs on deliveries if you pre-schedule your shift. Their platform is somewhat similar to Lyft’s.


Fiverr is a good place to freelance your skills! If you have skills in Graphic Design, Marketing, Writing, Video & Animation, Audio, Advertising, Business, or almost anything else, you can sell that service on their website.

People and businesses need freelance help all the time! Not only do you make extra money, but you get the chance to practice and enhance your skills. You start by creating a “gig” that will be available for the public to purchase.

You can set the price and restrictions as you desire. Once a customer has bought your gig, you can get started on the job! Their platform allows you to communicate with the customer throughout the process. Once finished, send a preview to the customer for review. Once they accept, you get paid!


If you’re the lazy type and don’t want to put in a lot of effort to make some extra cash, this is the perfect place for you. Swagbucks allows you to watch videos, take surveys, shop, or play games for money!

Each video you watch or each survey you take earns you a different amount of “swagbucks”. Those “swagbucks” can then be redeemed for gift cards (PayPal, Amazon, Target, Ebay, Visa, & MANY MANY more), gas credit, travel credit, & almost everything you can think of! Earning swagbucks does take some time and patience.

However, it might be worth it if you’re sitting in front of a computer screen doing nothing anyways. (Even though you should be “working”)


Babysitting can be a hard task, but the money in the end is usually worth it! UrbanSitter is a website and an app that matches babysitters to parents! Once you’re on the platform, you can create your profile and list all of your experience(s).

The more experience, the more likely parents will choose you. Babysitting jobs range from 2-8 hours and from 1-4 kids. The pay will vary depending on the job you’re going to do that day. There will be days when you might be watching a newborn and other days when you might be driving kids to and from school.

You will be able to set up a public meeting with the family before working for them, which is beneficial for both parties. It may be hard work but by the end of the day, kids are always a lot of fun and you’ll get a good amount of side cash.


All my fellow online shoppers, you need to get on Ebates. On their website are ALL the stores you can imagine. Each store has a specific cash back % that you get from the items you purchase online!

To receive the cash back, you will have to go to your designated shop from the Ebates website. You cannot directly go to the shop’s website. That is how Ebates keeps track of your payments! This might feel too good to be true, but trust me, it works! It’s basically free money if you were going to shop online anyways!

You will find yourself getting some good amount of cash back this holiday season with Black Friday and Cyber Monday. However, be careful about the restrictions some stores have on cash back purchases. Some offer cash back only when you shop at their specific departments.