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Whether you’re working to pay off debt, want to build your own business, or are looking toward other financial goals, chances are you’ve heard of the side hustle. Not only can gig work provide solid income for temp workers who consistently need flexible schedules, it can also help those working full-time jobs make extra money when needed. Simply put, side jobs offer supplemental income no matter your current employment situation. 

In this series guide, we’ll go through which types of gig work could be a good fit for you based on your needs and experience. Read on to learn about side jobs and take control over your earning potential beyond traditional full-time work.

Who has a side job?

So many people are opting for side jobs in today’s economy. In 2020, there were 51.5 million gig workers in the U.S. That represents 35% of the nation’s workforce! It has become evident that more workers are exchanging the rigidity of working a typical “9-to-5” job for the flexibility and freedom that the gig economy can provide. “The flexibility is especially what I needed,” says Brandye from Dallas, TX. “Between trying to homeschool a sophomore and seventh-grader in the midst of trying to work, the flexibility was a lifesaver.”

What are the best side jobs?

A woman wearing a mask and gloves cuts carrots in a kitchen during her gig work.

We’re not trying to be cryptic, but the best side jobs for you depend on your needs. Luckily, you can find available jobs with all sorts of shifts and locations. We recommend something that offers plenty of flexibility. Finding something that works with any current jobs you hold and other responsibilities in your schedule is crucial. This leads us to location. Make sure that whichever side jobs you choose to accept have a commute time that works for you. 

We also suggest looking into available jobs you find interesting. Maybe it’s gig work you love or a job you’ve always been curious to learn. Especially if you’re already working a full-time job, it’s important to take on side jobs that don’t feel like drudgery. Who knows? Your next side job could someday become your primary job.

How do temp workers find available jobs?

Finding a side job can be as easy as turning on your computer or opening an app, and as adventurous as heading out into your community. For the latter, you’ll have to scroll the online yellow pages and use word-of-mouth to determine who’s hiring in your area. For the former, you can connect with potential clients via online websites or use Wonolo’s digital marketplace for temp workers. Going digital has its advantages. Using the Wonolo app, you’ll be able to scope out multiple available jobs on the platform at once, and do so quickly. 

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Top Gig Work in General Labor:

If the labor workforce is the life for you, or you just want a side job that gets you out, moving, and interacting with other people, then you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of labor positions in the job market. These gigs run the gamut, from part-time warehouse jobs, to on-demand moving services, to general labor with local contractors.

Moreover, most labor gig work has flexible schedules since these companies often operate during unconventional hours. Some businesses even operate around-the-clock. So, no matter what your full-time work looks like, there’s likely a labor side hustle you can fit into your free time.


Earning Potential: $10-$15+ per hour

A man is showing another man how to perform his warehouse job.

Whether you’re available to cover a graveyard shift or just want to pick up some extra weekend hours, warehouse operations never sleep. You can stock, pick, assemble and prepare goods for shipment whenever your schedule allows. Hours and job availability are even better during seasonal spikes, such as between Black Friday and New Year’s. If you’re looking to pick up some warehousing shifts, Wonolo is your go-to source for local gig work.


Earning Potential: $10-$15+ per hour

From on-demand delivery services to flower deliveries, laundry services, and restaurant meal delivery, the workforce needs part-timers to do the actual legwork. The sky’s the limit for these side jobs, so search your local classifieds and job listings to see what’s available in your area. 


Earning Potential: $10-$20+ per hour

If you have the people skills for a retail setting, then merchandiser side jobs could be perfect for you. Merchandising gig work will have you work closely with shop owners to stock shelves, perfect signage and displays, position products, and help educate others on those products. Depending on your experience and skill set, you may also be able to boost your earning potential with additional admin responsibilities, such as re-ordering stock, negotiating pricing, and even analyzing sales figures. You can score local merchandising gigs through Wonolo, as well.

Other Types of Labor Side Jobs

Earning Potential: $10-$15+ per hour

Three men work side jobs as custodial assistants in an office building.

No matter where you live, there’s always someone who needs working hands with a good work ethic. You may be called upon to help prep or clean up a construction site, rake leaves or help with landscape maintenance, and complete other tasks. However, one thing is for sure. This side hustle can pad your bank account year-round. Check out Wonolo for even more general labor opportunities in your area.

Are you ready to find the best side jobs in town?

The truth is, there are limitless opportunities today to earn additional income via side jobs. Whether you’re after some extra going-out cash or have big dreams of saving for a house (or paying off student loans, or buying a car, or …), the sheer availability and flexibility of general labor side jobs can help you achieve your financial goals. And Wonolo is the perfect tool to help you get started. Be sure to keep up with our blog to learn about more gig work opportunities from our “Ultimate Guide to the Best Side Jobs” series.