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As part of our ongoing series comparing Wonolo head-to-head with similar recruiting and staffing options, today, we’re looking at BlueCrew. However, before we see how things match  up, let’s take a look at the company behind BlueCrew, the app, its history, how it pays, and what a BlueCrew team member can expect.

What is BlueCrew?

Born in a tech venture class by three Stanford University students, BlueCrew is an on-demand temporary staffing platform designed to “disrupt antiquated, traditional temp agencies.” The company says its goal is to provide a curated workforce to primarily fill service jobs, such as warehouse work, moving and delivery, produce picking, packers, event staff, and janitorial.  

How Does BlueCrew Work?

To become a BlueCrew team member, you need to download the BlueCrew app and then complete an application, profile, and résumé on the company’s website. Your application is then reviewed by a BlueCrew recruiter to see if your experience and skill set matches jobs the company has available. If the application is approved, you must then attend a one-hour orientation to be briefed on how the company and app works and what’s expected from you as a BlueCrew team member. Once you have attended the orientation, passed a background check, and been entered into the company’s payroll system, you are free begin accepting jobs. BlueCrew members are hired as W2 employees of the company and therefore governed by laws regarding non-discrimination, wage and hours worked.

BlueCrew jobs are sent to your phone via push notification and, if you wish to accept a job, you simply respond through the app. The jobs you receive are based on your skill set and your location. Once you accept a BlueCrew job and your application is approved, you’ll receive a job confirmation that includes more details and directions to the job site. If you apply for a job and all the positions have already been filled, you’ll receive a waitlist/standby notification and, if one of the positions comes open again, you will be able to apply again for that job.

What Does Blue Crew Pay and How Do Payments Work?

BlueCrew pay rates vary depending on the job and, as most Blue Crew jobs are general labor positions, the pay scale is usually minimum wage or slightly higher. For jobs that go over eight hours, the company also pays overtime (in California).

BlueCrew pays by check or direct deposit and checks are mailed every Friday. BlueCrew team members who have earned at least 50 points in the company’s rating system are also offered the option of payment through a BlueCrew debit card.

Is BlueCrew Legit? How Are The Reviews?

Though it began as part of a college project, BlueCrew is a legitimate, San Francisco-based company. However, as it is still a relatively young company, its scope is comparably small and it is currently available only in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Sacramento, and Reno, Nev.

Further, while its small sample of reviews are generally favorable, a number of complaints cite a lack of job notifications, a bug-ridden app, and problems getting paid through the company’s payroll system. Others have noted that, though they accept jobs that are shown as available, the time wasted while waiting for the confirmation or waitlist notification can be frustrating. One other issue BlueCrew reviewers note is a lack of responsive support for both the app and employees.

Wonolo vs. BlueCrew Head to Head

So, how does Wonolo compare with BlueCrew as both a staffing platform and an opportunity to earn money on your schedule? Let’s look at the similarities and differences.

  • Pay Schedules – Wonolo workers (more familiarly known as Wonoloers) get paid daily and that payment is almost always posted the day after a job has been completed. All Wonoloers have the option of being paid through direct deposit or by debit card.

BlueCrew workers are paid every Friday and the company’s pay period runs from Monday to Sunday. That means, it takes a minimum of five days, and as many as 12 days, to get paid for the work you do for Blue Crew. The company does offer direct deposit but, if you choose to be paid by check, it can be several more days before that check arrives in the mail. BlueCrew does offer payment by debit card, but that option is not offered to new team members.

  • Interviewing and Onboarding – BlueCrew requires completion of an application, résumé and profile. After review by a company recruiter to insure your skills match the company’s open positions, potential BlueCrew team members must also attend an orientation. Once you’ve been approved by BlueCrew, the job notifications you receive are based on your geographic location and the skill set derived during the application process.


To become a Wonoloer, one can simply onboard via a smartphone app, take a quiz, and participate in an onboarding call. Upon completion of the onboarding process and background check, Wonolers can accept any available gig on the platform for which they are qualified.


  • Ratings – The BlueCrew merit system is points-based and offers perks and even small hourly wage raises as one reaches certain levels. Points are earned for completing jobs, getting “favorited” by an employer and receiving top ratings on a job. However, the BlueCrew system also deducts points for poor ratings, cancellations, and going more than 15 days without accepting a job.


Wonoloers are rated by Requestors (employers) on a five-star system. Higher rated Wonoloers receive priority access to more jobs and the opportunity to win cash and prizes every month. Wonoloers can also earn badges for excellent work done in specific categories, and includes both monetary incentives and physical gifts.

  • Availability – BlueCrew is currently only available on the West Coast, with operations in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sacramento and Reno. However, as the BlueCrew app prioritizes location, the job notifications a BlueCrew member receives can be limited by where he or she lives in those cities in relation to the job site. Further, accepting a job on BlueCrew doesn’t mean you get the gig, as you may wind up on the waitlist if all the positions have already been filled.


Wonolo is available in NorCal, SoCal, Greater Chicago, Greater New York, Tampa, Dallas, Seattle, Atlanta, and Columbus, with more cities coming soon. Open jobs are available to every Wonoloer to see and accept, regardless of location. And, when you accept a Wonolo job, you’re approved to go work without any reviews or waitlists.

  • Technology – The BlueCrew app dispatches job notices based on location, the skill set one inputs during the application process, and the subjective assessment of the company recruiter. While that may help an employer fill out jobs fast, it may also exclude the best or most motivated BlueCrew employees for the job because of their location or perceived aptitude.

Rather than relying on location or subjective assessments of one’s skills, Wonolo’s platform uses automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to help Requestors get the best on-demand staff available for every job and allow Wonoloers who perform well to get more access to jobs.

  • On-Demand Staffing – While BlueCrew claims to “disrupt antiquated, traditional temp agencies,” its system favors those workers who simply accept jobs most often. Hence, despite its grandiose claims, the company operates essentially as a digital temp agency that puts jobs up for grabs by pools of employees which have been determined by its algorithm.

By contrast, Wonolo provides its Requestors full access to our pre-screened, on-demand staff that’s powered by the motivations of its workforce. Wonoloers are free to work as much or as little as they want, when they want. That means Requestors get their positions filled fast by an eager, hungry workforce, instead of “the usual suspects” one might expect from a temp agency.


When you put it all together, BlueCrew does offer its team members convenient access to blue-collar jobs, without the hassle of reporting to a temp agency every day and waiting for an assignment. And, though it prioritizes location and frequency, BlueCrew does offer its customers quick access to workers for temporary jobs.

Wonolo, on the other hand, simply offers more. Wonoloers get more opportunities for more  work on their own schedule, and they can work as little or as much as they want. And, since every Wonoloer works on a different schedule, Requestors have more access to a broader, more motivated workforce, wherever and whenever they need it.

So, if you’re looking for work that fits your schedule, or on-demand staff that fits your budget, there’s no reason to be blue. Just give Wonolo the green light and start working today!