• Wonolo

For some of you, Wonolo may simply be an app that lets you find work around your schedule. But, did you know there’s more to Wonolo than just that little icon on your phone? Turns out, there is, and a great way to find out more is at a Wonolo Community Event!

“There’s no agenda at Wonolo Community Events; they’re for the people, by the people. They simply offer Wonoloers the chance to not only get to know the Wonolo staff, but they also provide the opportunity for you to share your feedback with Wonolo HQ while you meet other Wonoloers and find out about new job opportunities,” says Erin Steele, Wonolo Community Manager. “Plus there’s also free food and drink, door prizes, swag giveaways, contests, and more.”

Wonolo Community events offer something for every Wonoloer, whether you’ve worked one gig or a hundred. Just as the job market changes every day, Community Events are a great way to find out about all of the new features Wonolo offers to help you find gig opportunities that work with your lifestyle.

“For new Wonoloers, Community Events are an opportunity to not only see that Wonolo is legit and that you will get paid for the work you do, but they also offer the chance to meet Wonolo Mentors and Ambassadors and find out first hand how other people use Wonolo,” Erin says. “We have college kids back from summer vacation picking up gigs between classes, an administrative assistant who works a job three days a week and Wonolo gigs on the other two days, and an HVAC technician who uses Wonolo when his workload is light. There is no one right way to use Wonolo and we’re always updating the app to make it more useful, for more users.”

Community Events also have something to offer experienced Wonoloers, too. Ever wonder what it’s like to work a warehouse gig or to staff an event for a certain company? Odds are, you can find a Wonoloer at a Community Event who can tell you exactly what to expect. Want to know about some Wonoloers’ “hacks” to get even more gigs? Community Events offer the chance to see how others make Wonolo work for their lifestyle.

Finally, every Wonolo Community Event provides the opportunity to network with Wonolo staff, other Wonoloers, and local business leaders. As Wonolo Community Events are often held at local co-working spaces and incubators, you can not only get to know other Wonoloers and find out about other jobs, but you can also meet local businesses, startups and entrepreneurs in a casual environment. And, as Erin says, that can be just the beginning.

“Wonolo is always rolling out new features and new jobs, and we’re planning more Community Events all across the country right now. Plus, you never know when the opportunity that’s just right for you will come along,” she says. “Wonoloers have landed full-time jobs with Requestors and others scored regular gigs, and it’s all started through one of our Community Events. Oh, and did I mention there’s also free food and drinks?”