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Britt Miller

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What does it mean to be excellent at your gig or temp job?  With the “gig economy” estimated to be 43% of the workforce by 2020, there is a shifting view on what it means to be a great gig worker.  Many workers in the gig economy enjoy the flexibility it provides: ability to be your own boss, work when you want to and try different types of jobs.  For gig workers, jobs can range from a few hours to a few months.  It can also require a wide array of skill sets, from delivering groceries to designing a website.

Within the diversity of job opportunities the gig economy provides, there are consistent best practices that workers can adopt and embrace.  By doing so, those workers can maximize opportunities, increase their earnings potential, and enhance their career mobility and longevity.

We have asked our Top Wonoloers for tips on how to stand out from the rest, and here they are.

  1. Accept jobs for which you have the right fit

“Accept jobs [which you meet requirements] and job tasks of those that are your strong points, ones that coworkers, supervisors tend to be compliment you by and/or ones you see that you excel in more so than others. Don’t pick up a job unless you’re 100% positive you can do it, you CAN and WILL make it, and already have a set way how to get out to and from that job location. Treat your work and your skill sets as the paintbrush and the job you signed up for as the canvas to a priceless masterpiece that you are about to create.” – Robert C.

“If you are a social person who loves to talk and meet new people, instead of doing warehouse jobs that requires your focus, try doing delivery jobs that allow you to get out and move freely. If you are working a job that stresses you out, makes your anger or unhappy, the environment is not a fit. As an independent contractor, you have the option of accepting or rejecting a job, don’t accept jobs that are not a fit for your personality.” – Eunice A.

“There’s no job or task that is hard and not attainable. You just have put your skills and heart to it as long as you fit all the requirements needed.” – Albert P.

  1. Go with a positive mindset and be proud of your work

“Bringing my top A game, professionalism, bubbly personality, being on time, adapting quickly to new environments, asking questions, learning as you work, seeing your work progress. Go with a positive mindset, you accepted a work assignment and the employer trusted Wonolo to send the best.” – Olivia G.

“To be a good Wonolo worker is really simple for me. I was hungry and determined. Your mindset has to be strong. You really have to have pride in your work. You need to earn your spot.” – Song H.

“[W]hen I walked through that door, I brought my game face. Asked questions and before I knew it, I was working with great friendly people and it was awesome coming back. I was dealt with great responsibilities and handled like a professional.”  – Toby H.

“Bring “SUNSHINE” with you to start your day Strong and Finish Strong” – Fina T.

“Some suggestions that I would make to fellow Wonoloers is that its all about attitude. Go to assignments with a good attitude and be adaptable to the clients (Requestor) needs. Understanding what the Requestor needs and expectations are is crucial to success. Always provide excellent customer service as you would expect for yourself, friends and family. Not only does this apply to the Requestor, but with your fellow staff mates as well. You will be surprised with what a healthy smile and a good attitude can achieve. Be flexible and tailor your approach as all Requestors differ and always pay close attention to detail.”  – Carlo J.

“My advice is smile on your Wonolo profile picture. Elaborate on your past experience and expertise. Read the entire [job] post before accepting a job. Dress presentable and be friendly . “First impressions are key. Get to know coworkers’ name and titles. Do your best while performing a job duty.” – Luis A.

“To be successful you want to make sure you give a great first impressions when you arrive to each company or Requestor you decide to help out. Also connected with that you want to leave giving a great impression as well. One way to make sure of it is to communicate from start to finish with the Requestors to be on the same page as them in terms of finding out about things such as the company, what you will be doing, how things should be done, and checking in and out.” – Sebastian B.

  1. Be punctual and go the extra mile

“Just make sure that I’m always on time [and] do my best. I give 110% and I’ve always been asked to come back to every single job or been put on the preferred list. I just think people need to have a little more drive and inspiration, and actually enjoy what you’re doing and not do it just because [you] feel [you] have to. Do it because [you] want to.”  – Tessa G.

“Being on time, being eager to learn and grow, and looking at the work experience as an opportunity to grow and further my knowledge in different work fields.” – Ana S.

“When it’s your first gig with that particular job, plan on getting there at least 20 mins early so you can get settled in and get familiar with the layout of the job and get a feel for what the next (1-12hrs) have in store for you. Traffic and public transportation seem to never be on your side [so] always plan for those sidetracks.” – Robert C.

“Some tips to being a good Wonoloer would be to arrive on time and go the extra mile with whatever you do.” – Jordan O.

“As for great tips, being punctual, friendly and willing to work is great and showing appreciation.” – Cayla S.

“The key things I do to remain a 5-star Wonoloer on each and every job is I’m always on time in accordance with the agreement I make with the requestor. I always make sure that I present my myself in respectable manner and that I do my very best at the job every time. I always do my research about the job before it starts and while I’m working it.  I make sure that I’m always kind, helpful and understanding to others and I always look at the good side of everything.” – Menelik J.

“My first tip is to be very focused on the job. To be more specific, I’ve seen some Wonoloers use their smartphone while they’re working and this is something I never do.  Also, I don’t mind working 5 or 10 minutes longer to clean up or to finish the job that I’m doing.  I am always trying to find ways to work more efficiently. I’ve discovered certain methods that make the process faster.” – Andrea R.

  1. Stay open minded, flexible

Rainbow coloured slinky toy made of a plastic wire spiral coil which enables flexibility and mobility

“What makes a good Wonoloer is an open mind and flexible personality because no jobs are the same [and] all companies are run differently. Never be scared to try something new because you just might find something you like. We have the 5 P’s, but I have 5 of my own PLANNING AND PREPARING PREVENTS POOR PERFORMANCE.” – Eid H.

“I just work really hard. I’m far from perfect, but I do what I am asked, even in a bad environment, you just have to think about getting the task done. I find my own way to complete the task the quickest most efficient way.”  – Mariah S.

“Stay positive, stay healthy, stay well rested, stay optimistic and stay eager to learn new skills + better ways of working effectively that will benefit you in the long run and ALWAYS, I repeat ALWAYS, be open to accepting improvement tips from your peers.” – Robert C.

“In order to be a great Wonoloer, you must be willing to learn, have the patience and humility to do things correctly and to be able to take constructive criticism when you don’t (do things correctly). Organize your time strategically so that your punctual, or do you do not accept overlapping jobs. Overall, you need a positive attitude/outlook on life! Anything is possible, but it all starts with the individual” – Jonathan B.

  1. Exceed expectations

“[F]or me, being very charismatic and not being afraid to learn new things or meet new people. I come in and know I have a job to do. I make sure I try to beat [company’s] expectations so they will want me to come back.” – Ariel S.

“The secrets of being a good Wonoloer is to meet and exceed Requestors’ expectations, to perform and deliver good work ethics.” – Peter I.

“I approach each assignment as a representation of myself. I am investing myself in each assignment. I am receiving payment for the time I am investing. My skills, attitude, integrity and professionalism are on display for whomever is watching.” – Tandra M.

  1. Build relationship with job Requestors

“My secret is picking up all jobs if I know I’m available so that I keep a consistent schedule and I talk to Requestors letting them know my interest and availabilities. So get some personal Requestors so you can get invited to work all the time. With about 6 to 7 personal Requestors, you will keep a full schedule.” – Eid H.

“I feel that what make me a good Wonoloer is my determination to show [companies] that I’m still a valuable asset. Even if temporary, work with [companies] who appreciates the work ethic I [bring] to their projects.” – Chris D.

  1. Ask questions

“If you don’t know how to do a Task or if you [are] not 1000% sure on how your supervisor wants a job completed, ASK, ASK, ASK. Asking works on your side all the time. You can never ask too many questions; so that you are confident that you are putting in your all and it’s getting completed up to par of what that jobs is expecting from you.” – Robert C.

“The secret to being a amazing Wonoloer is really not a secret at all. I feel you treat people how you want to be treated and being honest and true to self is what helps the most. So if asked to do a task, you have no clue on completing always ask questions. There’s nothing wrong with not knowing something. The Requestor is always there to help.” – Richard W.

“Considering we accept several jobs from time to time, it’s always great to know of what is needed in completing your task. Don’t be afraid to ask questions from your Requestor than assume because every company does it differently.” – Albert T.

  1. Treat yourself as a business owner

“Getting great reviews from employers means more jobs, bonuses and promotions. Every job you do, work as if you were employing yourself. Answer the question every day, how would I want employees to work for my company? As an Independent Contractor you are a business and the better you are as a worker, the better your chances  of getting more gigs, better opportunities and making more money.” – Eunice A.

  1. Help others

“Have faith in your fellow Wonoloers. They are there to help also complete the same tasks and if you hold yourself up to standards, help someone else see the light as well to be a 5 star Wonoloer, show them the way also.” – Richard W.

“I’m always educating other Wonoloers about the job, tools and knowledge in the Wonoloer app and all of my great experiences with Wonolo.” – Menelik J.

  1. Solve problems

“If you find issues at the company you are working in, find a way to eliminate the problems. Once you find a solution, find that right person to address your concerns and give them a possible solution. Don’t complain about the issues with co-workers, without a solution.” – Eunice A.

If you have the ability & knowledge to make a difference, do it! I wrote a letter to the company and suggested a solution and perhaps implement Safety Solutions for employees. My letter got the management attentions!” – Fina T.