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Britt Miller

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At one time or another, it’s likely we’ve all looked at the new year as a new start, a clean slate, or a time to turn your life in a different direction. However, it’s also very likely that we’ve all seen the motivation for that new start, for whatever reasons, begin to fade. And whether your goal is to pick up more Wonolo gigs, work out more, or to just work toward a better you, if your enthusiasm for reaching the goals you’ve set is waning, we’ve put together a few steps to help you stay motivated, meet those goals, and make 2019 your best year ever!

Ask Yourself “Why?”

The first step in keeping yourself motivated to achieve any resolution or goal is to have an answer to the question, “Why are you doing this?” While it’s easy to toss out a generic “Because I want to be healthier,” or “I want to earn more money,” you’ll have a better chance at success if you connect your “Why” answer to what really matters to you. Whether it’s your health, your relationships, or your income, work toward a clear picture of what you want to achieve as a larger goal for yourself, not some generality. Make it personal, and you’ll have even more motivation to follow through.

Set Realistic Goals

The loftier your goal, the more difficult it will be to attain. And, while there’s certainly nothing wrong with pushing yourself, it’s human nature to see excitement fade without some form of gratification along the way. So, while you should always aim high, keeping yourself motivated also means aiming for realistic, attainable goals. Instead of setting general, open-ended goals such as  “I will work more,” “I will make more money this year,” or “I will workout more,” start with more specific goals that you can track and measure. That can include things like “I will work out three times a week,” “I will accept one extra Wonolo shift every week,” “I will earn $200 more a month,” or even “I will eat salads for lunch three days a week.” Ultimately, keeping your goals realistic and measurable will make them more attainable and, with that metaphorical carrot on a stick in reach, you’ll be more motivated to reach those goals.

Build On Your Success

Once you’ve set, and reached, your attainable, short term goals, step it up a notch. Remember that you can’t get to “Step 12” until you take “Step 1.” While it’s human nature to aim for the end result, building upon your early foundation makes it easier to stay motivated with each successful step going forward. If your first goal was to work out three times a week, step it up by adding some time or repetitions to each workout. If you hit your goal to accept one extra Wonolo gig a week for a month, strive to do it again for two months. Just remember that, with each small step you take, you’ll be more motivated to push toward the big payoff.

Be Flexible

You are human, the world is not perfect, and things will not always go as planned. Learn to be flexible with your goals and how you plan to achieve them. Forgive yourself if you miss a workout, have a burger and fries instead of a salad, or spend time with your family instead of choosing to work an extra gig. If you’re tired of your current routine, change it up. Be accountable, but also be flexible. Keep your focus on achieving your goal, but remember that it’s also OK to roll with the curves life throws at you along the way. If you realize you’ve set the bar too high, don’t lose sight of the finish line. Instead, lower the bar, lower your expectations, and keep yourself motivated to continue your toward goal.

Be Positive

A positive attitude plays a huge part in keeping you motivated. Visualize how much more rewarding your life will be when you attain your goal. Treat yourself and celebrate your accomplishments when you hit milestones along the way. Build on your successes. Pursue persistence instead of perfection. Dwell on what you can do rather than excuses for what you didn’t do. Focus on what you’ll do tomorrow and forget about what didn’t happen yesterday. Finally, remember to put a happy life ahead of your life’s pursuit. The best way reach your goal is to simply be positive that you can do it.

Ask For Help

Whether it’s surrounding yourself with like-minded people chasing comparable goals, finding a workout partner, or even making friends with fellow Wonoloers, if you need some support or want some extra motivation, ask for it. Finding the motivation to push on is always easier when you’ve got the support of someone who knows what you’re going through or will help hold you accountable.

As a Wonoloer, you’re part of a diverse, flexible, and motivated community. And, as it’s not too late to set a goal for 2019, remember that the same motivation that drives you as a Wonoloer can also push you toward achieving your goal. Just remember to make your goal personal and realistic, build on your success, be flexible and positive, and don’t be shy about asking for help. While there may be bumps along the way, staying motivated will make the quest that much smoother, while the satisfaction of reaching your goal will taste that much sweeter.